Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that contemplates the totality of the human being in detriment of isolated diseases. It acts through energy stimuli triggered by homeopathic medicines in order to re-balance the vital energy of the patients.

Homeopathy is guided by four principles: law of the like, experimentation in the healthy person, infinitesimal doses and follows the rules of singularity, meaning one remedy for all symptoms.

The principle of the law of the likes establishes that a specific disease can be cured by the substance capable of reproducing the same symptoms of the disease. That is: what causes harm to someone “healthy” can heal someone who is sick. If a poison produces effects such as vomiting in a person, the homeopathic (diluted) version of that same poison may treat patients with recurrent vomiting problems, and so on.

Experimentation in the healthy person dictates that testing for homeopathic medicines should be performed on healthy people. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the objective and subjective effects in the group of experimenters and to find in general terms the “poison that in homeopathic doses cures”.

The so-called infinitesimal doses consist of the extreme dilution of a drug and agitation (energising) to “awaken” latent properties. This principle causes controversy because, according to many physicians, it defies any law of physics or known in biochemistry: if the remedy is so diluted, there may be no measurable molecule of the original active principle. Some experiments, however, indicate that it is still misunderstood the phenomena of quantum physics that could explain the efficacy of homeopathic medicines.

The principle of the single drug, which raises debate even among specialists in homeopathy, states that the intervention should be performed at a time: the patient should take the medicine that contains the greatest number of stimuli for all the symptoms that the patient presents. This is the only way your Homeopath doctor can accurately assess the effectiveness of the therapy.