Which is the most un-homeopathic question asked by most of the current homeopaths? Well, it is – “What are the homeopathic remedies for XYZ disease?”

Visit any homeopathic discussion websites or forums on social-networking websites where people discuss homeopathy, and you will find only one question – tell us ‘the remedies’ for a disease. Believe me; the process of homeopathic remedy selection has not stopped surprising me even after practicing it everyday for more than a decade. We definitely can narrow down our remedy repertoire for a particular disease to 15-20 remedies, but in spite of that, not more than a 50% cases get the benefit of it. Finally one has to understand the case in its individual aspect and prescribe a suitable remedy for it.

The cases of vitiligo [Leucoderma] have always proved tricky (?) to treat for me. I have tried all sorts of specific remedies [no need to mention], but with no effect at all. Have only got result in 3 cases [out of 8] and in all of them, the key was the constitutional remedy. I would like to present a recently treated case here:

Ms KS, age 7 years.

Daughter of a rickshaw driver.

Chief complaint:

Skin: Vitiligo since 2 years, spreading rapidly. Earlier was slightly better with homeopathic treatment but discontinued since could not afford it. Started with left forearm as a 50 paise-coin sized round patch which has now enlarged to almost with a diameter of 3 cms. Then got few patches on forehead and scalp – left side.

Family history: father has widespread vitiligo almost covering 80% of his body.

Dispositional features:

Ambithermal-Hot; Perspiration ++ especially over the scalp;

Cravings or aversions – nothing specific.

Developmental milestones – normal; No history of dentition aggravation;


Emotionally not much affected with the lesions, has continued mixing in friends with same ease without any awkward feeling. Though she feels the patches should get resolved. [buoyancy]

Overall she is quite bold and doesn’t have any kind of fear

She has a tremendous pain tolerance; mother can hardly remember patient crying due to pain, although getting injured is an everyday ritual.

Remedy selection:

Constitutional = Calc Fluor

[Totality: Left sided + Scalp perspiration + Ambi-Hot + buoyancy + pain tolerance]

– In my experience, fluoric element provides tremendous amount of ‘tolerance’ to the personality. It can be a tolerance to pain or reprimands or criticism or exertion or for that matter anything which generally we cannot tolerate much.

Calc flur 30 was given in a thrice a day regimen and within 6 months, her patches have resolved 80% of their original size. The treatment is still ongoing. With the current pace, I think her lesions should get resolved completely within couple of months.

Source by Amit Karkare