Hives’ medical name is urticaria. It is a skin disorder caused by any inflammatory chemical or reaction in the body. It leads to a lot of red colored rashes and itching all over the body and gives a much-tensed situation. Sometimes, neither the patient nor the doctor is able to determine the real reason behind the occurrence of urticaria. They can occur due to food or drug allergies, viral infections, fever, over exercising, insect bites or sun exposure.

Homeopathy gives a lot of relief to the patients of chronic urticaria. Though the treatment is slow and the symptoms go away gradually. The five most beneficial homeopathic medicines for curing different types of urticaria are:


Mostly the red rashes are shown on face, hands, arms, legs and feet. If there is a lot of itching on these spots and it increase on scratching the spots or taking bath then Sulphur will be appropriate for them in providing comfort.


Urticaria spots that have yellow color or are greasy should use Natrum Muriaticum. Suitable patients are also those who feel raw, itchy and sore skin when experiencing urticaria attacks. The spots appear on ankles and feet.


Urticaria occurred due to reasons related to digestive problems like uterine or gastric can be cured with Pulsatilla. The symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting accompanied with urticaria.


This medicine works excellent for those urticaria patients whose cases worsen by exposure to chilly weather or water. It should not be taken for other urticaria kinds.


Those people who are allergic to shellfish and accidently got in touch with it can take Astacus Fluviatilis. The scenario can get worse if got in contact with uncovered body or open air It is prepared from crawfish and treats well.


If the itching and pain is due to an insect bite then Apis Mellifica should be consumed. Other symptoms include urticaria getting worse at nights, spots becoming very painful to even touch. Fever can also be cured by this homeopathic medicine.


Bovista can be taken by those urticaria patients who get effects on a majority of the body. This homeopathic medicine should only be taken if the urticaria comes along with a lot of pain and itching that worsens throughout the night. Those who will gain from this medicine mostly have symptoms that deteriorate with heat and warm climate or showers.

Source by Ali Owais