Most people know urticaria with the name of hives. They are round red itchy swelling that occurs all over the body due to any allergy caused by either food or drugs. They do not stay for long but if the reactions in the body keep happening, they come out again. Intense itching is produces on the body and the patient gets very irritated and stressed. The swelling can even occur in eyes, on lips or ear. The bulging of lips or tongue often occurs due to the intake of food item to which the body is allergic. This can be very dangerous because the breathing system is blocked. The other causes of urticaria can be digestive disorder, stings of insects, over exposure to sunlight or exercising, undue emotions or even stress.

Urticaria occurs when histamine, a blood plasma leaks out the blood vessel into the skin. Angioedema is the worst form of urticaria that causes intestinal pain, breathlessness etc and is a more dangerous condition. However, patients experience Angioedema in rare cases if urticaria gets worse. Homeopathic treatment is best Listed below are some of the urticaria homeopathic remedies:


The most commonly used drug for curing urticaria and other type of diseases like asthma, neuralgia, insomnia etc is Carcinosin. Homeopathy believes that mostly diseases are genetically related, carcinosin is also such medicine that is effective for genetically borne diseases.

Apis mellifica:

A magnificent homeopathic remedy is Apis Mellifica. It is prepared from honeybee. This medicine also goes through many changes before becoming the final form. If you have symptoms like swelling skin, red and itchy spots then it might be helpful for you.

Natrum Muriaticum:

This medicine is made from sodium chloride, common salt. It undergoes a special process called ‘potentazition’ after which it becomes very healing. It is good for a lot of metabolism and digestive diseases.

Urtica urens:

This homeopathic medicine is prepared from a plant known as burning nettle. Those people who get urticaria after bee stings or because of eating shellfish or strawberries and whose urticaria worsens by wetting or going in colder temperature, can get cured with this medicine. It will help in getting relief from itching and burning skin.

Besides taking homeopathic treatment, urticaria patients should take of themselves a lot by eating healthy. They should avoid the triggers like heat, heavy food items and caffeine so that their disorder can be cured faster.

Source by Ali Owais