Treatment for sciatic pain can be achieved naturally through homeopathic means.

You can recover fully from sciatica without ever having to undergo any complicated procedures, take any medication, or even seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist..

Treatment for sciatic pain typically involves one or more of the following activities which you can either do by yourself or with the help and support of a partner, friend, or family member:

  1. Stretching routines
  2. Massage
  3. Low impact aerobic exercise
  4. Holistic remedies
  5. Diet (Yes, believe it or not, your diet contributes to your ability to recover from sciatica. I’ll bet you didn’t know that!)

Holistic remedies are much safer and more cost-effective means of treatment for sciatic pain than commercially available medication.

Consistency is the key to the treatment for sciatic pain. If you can adhere to these guidelines strictly, then you are pretty much guaranteed to see results. It is not improbable that you could exhibit signs of symptomatic relief in as little as 24 hours.

I used to suffer from sciatica not too long ago myself. But the road to recovery was a frustrating one. Dissatisfied with the inadequate results I was getting from my chiropractor, my physical therapist, and my general physician (what they offered me was too expensive and did little to provide a permanent resolution, only short term relief), so I chose to research and find a solution on my own instead.

And I never looked back. I was able to find a homeopathic form of treatment for sciatic pain and cure myself, thus getting my life back.

Source by Pauline McCluskey