Incidence of asthma is growing day by day pertaining to increased urban pollution and hoards of instant foods leading to varied kinds of allergies. Well, today we hear the term asthma in a very small child too; rather many children today complain of difficulty in breathing and parents get stuck up in the Herculean task of protecting their children from allergic focuses. Let’s discuss what asthma actually is and how homeopathy is effective in dealing with patients of asthma.

What is asthma?

Swelling and narrowing of bronchial tubes lead to smaller and constricted airways that results in difficulty in breathing, termed as asthma. The severity of asthma depends upon sensitivity of the bronchial tubes to various allergens. Sometimes, it is possible to define the allergens in a particular individual and in many, the source of allergy remains unknown. It is also termed as hyper-reactive lungs in people on the verge of asthma but who have not developed frank asthma.

What are hyper-reactive lungs?

As we said earlier, it is the susceptibility of an individual to catch infections and/or allergies. In some individuals there might be hyper-reactivity of bronchioles short of developing frank asthma. In children, such malady is termed as hyper-reactive airway disease (HRAD). Many of these children should receive milder modes of therapies like homeopathy in order to build stronger immunities and curb the nasty susceptibilities.

Causative factors and/or risk factors-

Exact cause of heightened susceptibility in some people leading to frequent asthmatic spells is unknown. But chronic airway inflammation, genetic factors, and immunologic factors are blamed for development of frank asthma. The risk factors include dust or pollen exposure, perfumes or strong smelly substances, molds, animal dung, excess cold etc. Also the emotional stress, anxiety, physical exercise etc are t be blamed as triggers in some.

Homeopathic Approach to asthma-

One thing is clear that some people catch asthmatic allergies and some don’t. That is the reason why homeopathy believes in individualistic approach while treating asthma or any other disease for that matter. Homeopathy plays curative role in asthma, considered the homeopath chooses medicine based upon the constitution of the patient and does not suppress the asthma. It is a myth that homeopathy is slow acting and does not yield beneficial result in acute attack of asthma. Even in a child as young as 1 year with extremely wheezy chest, remedies like Antim tart, Ipecac, Lycopodium, Calcarea carb, Silica; etc if chosen depending upon symptom similarity can harmonize the breathing within no time.

What care should be taken while seeking homeopathic treatment?

It is known about homeopathy that it is a therapy without any side effects. That is certainly true but this should not make people use homeopathic remedies haphazardly. It is extremely important to understand the exact dosages and repetitions of medicines so that the patient feels good from within and does not just palliate his trouble. Homeopathic system of medicine believes in treating the person suffering from asthma and not just his asthma. So, careful consideration of his signs, symptoms, mental and emotional sphere related to asthma and otherwise are the tools those help the homeopathic physician to search the right remedy for his patient. But be rest assured that if you follow his regime scrupulously, you have to feel better and frequency of asthma spells reduce without a doubt!

Source by Shreya Deshpande