For numerous people, travelling is a pleasurable, although in some cases stressful, challenging. For quite a few, on the other hand, the idea of getting on an airplane or leaving acquainted location can cause emotions of anxiety or even straight up terror.

Gelsemium: This remedy is possibly the best-known to some homeopaths as a remedy for those suffering with the flu. But it is also very helpful if you are going through anxiety from anticipation, particularly the type of anxiety where you have diarrhoea, your mouth experiences a numb feeling, and you can’t focus due to the fact of that kind of mental numbness.

Argentum nitricum: While those requiring Gelsemium will encounter symptoms of mental prostration, the Argentum nitricum sufferer will likely be more tremulous and impulsive. The travel anxiety causes them to want to walk to obtain alleviation. Individuals requiring this remedy frequently crave sweets and have a sturdy fear of heights.

Aconite: When travel anxiety splatters through into blunt panic, Aconite generally saves the day. The distress is extreme as if one is experiencing imminent death. The person is unsettled with overwhelming fear.