Some of the top homeopathic remedies used when a individual has pain in the legs.
Rhus Toxicodendron is a organic Homeopathic remedy that is viewed as the most effective and holistic medication for pains in the leg.

Symptoms: It is usually recommended in all those cases in which excessive exertion, straining and stretching occurred. Effective as well on those times where the leg pain gotten more intense when resting, and it improves by walking.

Bryonia Alba is a similarly good Homeopathic remedy.

Symptoms :  The patients requiring this treatment complain of leg ache worsening by walking and feel better by resting.

Magnesium Phosphoricum is an additional Homeopathic medicine of excellent aid for the treatment of ache in the legs.

Symptoms: It is better to use this outstanding homeopathic remedy when the individual has a pain relief in the legs by applying heat or by implementing pressure.

Arnica Montana is a very advantageous Homeopathic medicine if the individual presents a sore or a bruised feeling in the legs.

Symptoms: The patients complain of pain in the legs as if someone has beaten them with a dull object, and the pain gets worse by the merest touch.