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Do you feel tired and sluggish all the time? Have you put on weight and can’t
seem to lose it? Are you feeling depressed? Is your hair thinning, your nails
peeling or has your skin become dry, itchy and flaking?

All of this can indicate low thyroid hormones.

Tested but declared normal?

You may have been to your doctor who suspects hypothyroidism and ordered
blood tests. But these tests have come back “within normal range” and so
thyroid function has been declared normal.

How can that happen?

In this book I explain how that can happen, that your blood tests are normal
but your cells don’t have enough thyroid hormone to energise them. I look at
the methods of testing and diagnosis, particularly the TSH test, and see why
it doesn’t pick up all cases of low thyroid hormones.

Low thyroid function is not the only reason for low thyroid hormones

You will learn why an under-functioning thyroid is not the only reason for this
condition, examining the relationships between thyroid, adrenal and female
hormones. How they interact and affect each other and how stress can lead
to a state know as “progesterone steal” which affects the female hormonal
system, contributing to difficulties there.

Diagnosed and treated but not better?

And what if you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, been given
treatment in the form of thyroxine yet are still not better, although your blood
tests say you are? We’ll see how that can happen.

This book unravels the story of what’s happening in the body
when thyroid hormones are low and explains it clearly. It is
suitable for both members of the public and practitioners with
an interest in this condition.