Homoeopathy as a system of Medicine comes under the Supplementary and Alternative Medicines which is based on the Fundamental Law “Similia Similibus Curentur”.

By stating that, the fundamental law means that “Let Likes be Cured by Likes”. The law guides us to decide how a particular disease be cured off right from the roots and how the direction of Cure should take place. Homoeopathy considers a set of Symptoms of a particular character to decide upon the status of the Mental and Physical level of Health and the status of the disease. The Terminology given to them is “Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis” . By stating these three words, they do not mean any person suffering from or having Psoriasis or Syphilis but they are a character trait in them which demonstrate the level of which Homoeopathic Medicine should be given and also help in deciding which potency of the medicine should be prescribed.

Any perfect cure follows a specific path and this path if not followed statements that the treatment being given is not going to cure the patient and is liable only for temporary palliation of the disease or may be the disease may progress in the wrong and more destructing direction too.

Dr. JT Kent who was one of the pioneers of Homoeopathy, has given the direction of cure under the name “Hering’s Law of Cure”.

He states that the Cure should take place according to the below mentioned three statements: –

  1. From Above Downwards
  2. From Most important organ to Least Important organ
  3. In reverse order of appearance of Symptoms.

A confusion may arise when speaking of the three rules when spoken in the language of Modern Medicine and when medical knowledge is spoken in modern medical terms for which Genetics gives evidence to the statements and here comes the role of Germ Layers which are formed in the embryological development of the fetus in the mother’s Uterus.

The Three Layers are The Ectoderm, The Endoderm and The Mesoderm. The layers decide on which organs of the body will be formed from any particular layer.

When disease progresses, it first affects the Organs developed from the Outermost layer which is the skin.

Then the disease progresses to the next layer which is the Endoderm and finally to the Mesoderm.

This happens for most of the cases and the disease progresses to the deeper layer if it is suppressed by external ointments or any medications which suppress the suffering or change it from one from to other.

Suppression can occur by any form of medicine and fom any system of medicine. The disease producing agent (physical or dynamic) can alter the immune response if it is weak enough to allow the disease to get into the system and when the disease causing agent builds resistance against the medicine, it can gain access to the deer layers of the human entity as stated above.

So when the Homoeopathic Medicine prescribed is correct in similimum to the disease picture and is given in the right potency and is administered in the most correct manner, then it will help in removing the disease in the reverse order of appearance of symptom and in the reverse order of the germ layers being affected.

By this we have to understand one more concept of elimination of disease by Homoeopathic Methods, which is Crisis and Latency.

By this concept, it means that when a treatment of a diagnosed person is initiated, and when it passes from the deeper layer to the Superficial Layer, or from Syphilitic affection to the Sycotic Level, the disease has to enter into elimination symptoms of the level then enter into latency of the level of suffering and then leave the layer and then enter into a crisis of the privileged layer and then latency of the layer and then into the more favorable layer.

For example, a case of Ulcer will get aggravated at first and then it will ameliorate after all the morbid excrescences of the particular germ layer or Miasm have been removed and then it will improve to the privileged sufferings.

When the cure does not take place according to the practical theory of Germ Layers which is followed in Homoeopathy as the theory of Miasms under the terms Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis, the course of treatment will go wrong and failure will take place.

Source by Dr.