One of the most painful and irritating disease is none other than Psoriasis. Severe condition of psoriasis should be treated by dermatologist. There are home remedies for psoriasis for meeker case histories of psoriasis. There are quite a lot of home remedies for Psoriasis that work out for patients. In psoriasis, the skin becomes dry; due to this dryness the skin starts flaking and itching starts. In order to keep the skin moist you need to apply skin tonics or moisturizers for the skin.

One aspect that is often ignored by many is to moisturize. A few moisturizers and home remedies for psoriasis are:

• Lactic acid moisturizers those are available in the market or any stores.

• Cream from the cow’s milk can be applied after a bath.

• Bag balm can also be applied after a bath.

• Petroleum jelly can be applied on the skin and

• Even garlic oil can be applied to skin during bed time.

These skin moisturizers help in keeping the skin moist. Only if the skin is moist the skin won’t become dry and there won’t be any itching sensation.

The other home remedies for psoriasis are:

• The best source of home remedy for psoriasis is sunlight which is available in plenty.

• Take healthy foods; avoid eating acidic food like tomatoes, coke, junk foods and foods that you are allergic to.

• Drinking lots of water is another one of the best home remedies for psoriasis.

• Taking bath in sea water is another natural remedy. The salt content in the seawater is known to aid in reducing the swelling and redness of the lesions on the skin.

• Another good psoriasis home remedy is a combination of 1 teaspoon wheat germ oil, 1 teaspoon of castor oil and a cup of sunflower oil. This mixture should be applied on the affected part.

• Ask a homeopathy doctor on how to take ultra violet rays treatment at home, which works wonders.

• You can buy UVB sun lamps and use them at home for treating psoriasis.

While taking these home remedies for psoriasis at home see to that too much of light exposure at times worsen the situation.

Apart from these home remedies you need to take care about your food in take. You should take good healthy foods. See to that you add a lot of leafy vegetables in your diet. Avoid taking allergic foods that might aggravate and worsen the infection.

Source by Arora Aman