If you are suffering from sciatica and just looking for a way to cure it and get your life back to normal, then fortunately I have something for you in this article! There are natural and homeopathic ways of sciatica nerve pain treatment that I am going to discuss here and share with you. So let’s start…

My first and preferred method of relieving the sciatica pain is actually to avoid it and prevent it. Even after experiencing the pain many people still don’t understand that they need watch how they are sitting and sleeping. Slouching on a chair is the best way to aggravate sciatica because you are curving your spine and causing more damage! You have to get a chair with a straight backrest that will support your back all the time! Sleeping on a soft mattress is also something you have to stop doing because it’s the main reason you can move in the morning. Get a new orthopedic mattress to sleep on!

Bromelain is a very powerful and 100% natural anti inflammatory enzyme that known to help sciatica sufferers almost immediately! You can buy for like 15 dollars online and you also can get it from eating pineapples which are the only fruit that contains bromelain. The relief comes in minutes after using!

Magnesium is a natural mineral that suppose to take care of muscles spasm in our body. Adding foods rich with magnesium to your daily diet will help you to loosen the tighten muscles that pinch the sciatic nerve and cause you suffer. Peanuts contain a lot of magnesium, don’t cost much and also taste good and provide an almost immediate sciatica pain relief!

These methods work great as sciatica pain relief but not as a constant cure.

Source by Jay Ronalds