Psoriasis homeopathy connection is a matter of intestinal controversy that does not subside for years now. Some scorn the potency of homeopathic remedies and the others tell fairytales about miraculous healing. It is most likely that the truth is somewhere in between.

By the end of this article the reader will be better informed about the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis than a vast majority of sufferers. Stay tuned.

Psoriasis homeopathy connection – the basics

Homeopathy is build on the promise that highly diluted substances can trigger self-healing responses in our bodies. And that is what it is trying to do in psoriasis, too – trigger the power hidden inside and then obliterate psoriasis utilizing this new found power.

Psoriasis homeopathy connection – main PROs

Homeopathy addresses psoriasis in a more systematic and synoptic way than your conventional medicine. That is why it:

  • It can offer long term relief
  • It can prevent the disease from relapsing

Psoriasis homeopathy connection – most commonly used drugs

Homeopathy is said to “treat the patient and not the disease” and that is why the treatment is adjusted on case to case basis, and by looking into the character of the patient, his medical history and family heritage.

Most commonly used drugs are:

  • Arsenicum album (for people who are anxious and restless – these people usually feel burning pains and are easily exhausted)
  • Calcarea carbonica (for people who are sluggish and get tired quickly – these people often crave sweets and eggs)
  • Graphites (usually applied in people who have a long history of skin disorders – in these people the itching gets worse with heat and may become so intense that the sufferer breaks their own skin)
  • Mezereum (the person model for this remedy is serious and anxious, most of the time they are chilly and feel better when warm)
  • Petroleum (for those with extremely dry skin and psoriasis in their palms and fingertips)
  • Rhus toxicodendron (used when the lesions are red and swollen – in these people hot baths usually offer relief)
  • Sepia (used in an irritable person, with dry and stiff skin)
  • Staphysagria (used in sentimental and emotional people)
  • Sulfur (used when intenet burning and itching is present with inflated nodules)

Simply put, the problem with psoriasis is the lack of knowledge in modern medicine on the causes of the disease. But, lately, some exciting news has been reported on the discoveries of underlying chemical imbalance and causes. Based on this, a new natural treatment protocol called The Norton Protocol is characterized with amazing reported success rate that offers hope to all the sufferers. Read more about the news at the home page of the Norton protocol.

Source by Gwen Simmons