Conjunctivitis. Pinkeye. Eye infection. What ever you call it, it means the same thing: inflammation of the conjunctiva. It often troubles children, but adults can also be afflicted and it is very contagious. Yet, conjunctivitis is rarely serious. If subterraneous layers of the eye are affected, there is concern for deeper pathology, yet this is an uncommon occurrence. If viral in nature, no antibiotic will affect it and it will secrete clear and watery tears, while discharges that are colored thick, yellow or greenish, are bacterial. Even without treatment, most of these infections resolve within 10 days or so.

A worthwhile way to treat this illness is with the herb eyebright or Euphrasia. If purchased in alcohol as a tincture, it needs to be diluted 1:25. That is, one drop of tincture to 24 drops of warm water. This mixture is then dropped by an eye dropper directly into the eye. If this is not possible, a clean cloth dipped in the solution can be gently placed and squeezed into it.

Homeopathy, however, is the most profound and effective way of treating pinkeye. It will not only abort the present condition, but support the system so that the likelihood of it returning will be lessened. If, in fact, it does return, it will be of a lesser severity. This is the kind of health we’re looking for….robust, resilient and independent of the props of modern pharmacology. When choosing a homeopathic remedy for conjunctivitis, give a dose three to four times in a 12 hour day for as long as three days. As in most homeopathic settings, as soon as there is good improvement, stop administering the remedy.

The first homeopathic remedy to consider is Belladonna 30. The need for this remedy is determined by the intense redness of the eyes, including bloodshot appearance to the whites. There may be pain that is throbbing in nature or the eye may be experienced as hot. External environments affect the comfort, such as too many lights and even loud noises. The conjunctivitis might also be accompanied by a fever or it may not. Use Belladonna when the eye infection comes on quickly and use it as soon as possible.

Euphrasia is another homeopathic remedy of great value in pinkeye. It is made from the herb, eyebright, discussed above, but is potentized in the homeopathic method, hence is more powerful. The use of this remedy is most valuable when there is a large quantity of clear flow of watery tears that burn the eye and surrounding skin. This may, in time, develop to a greenish or white discharge and there can be a sensation as though a foreign object, such as sand, is embedded in the eye.

Pulsatilla is the homeopathic remedy for pink eye that has a great deal of itching. There is often a thick yellow to greenish discharge that doesn’t excoriate the skin. The person needing this remedy is often a female, but not always. She may be extra clingy and may be made worse in a warm room and more comfortable in cool breezes. Cool water applied to the eyes is often soothing and she will crave this. Eruptions may appear around the eyes and on the lids such as pimples, whiteheads and scales. Often this person has little to no thirst.

There are also eruptions around the eyes and on the lids of someone who needs the remedy Mercurius. It should be considered when there is discomfort from being in a warm room, just like Pulastilla, as well as yellow to green discharge, but the skin is less irritated and the eyes are quite irritated.

Homeopathy is medicine for busy moms. There is nothing like the ability to take care of our children with confidence and information that we can count on. Homeopathy delivers that. It is inexpensive, easily dispensed, readily available, gentle and most importantly, it works.

Source by Joette Calabrese