Paronychia is an inflammation of the skin surrounding your finger or toe nails. It can occur acutely or chronically. If it occurs as a chronic condition, then this means that your immune system is not managing to keep you healthy.

The inflammation can be supportive, leaking out a yellow coloured mucous.

By choosing to use homeopathy for your treatment, you will be resolving it by improving your immune system. This is how homeopathy works. This is so much better than by suppressing the symptoms, which very effectively knocks your immunity.

There are many homeopathic medicines for the treatment of paronychia, but the most common is called Hepar sulphuris. This can deal very effectively with it, at an acute level. But it is also likely to prevent its return.

For any homeopathic medicine to be beneficial for you, you need to be able to match the symptoms of the medicine with your symptoms.

The strong keynotes of Hepar sulph are:

  • very painful, especially to touch
  • discharge is yellow, bloody or dirty looking
  • you tend to have cold feet and hands at the best of times, but the cold makes the pain worse

If your paronychia is very painful, especially to touch, if you feel hyper sensitive to pain and the discharge is yellowy, then Hepar sulph will probably totally resolve the problem.

It’s also a very versatile medicine to have in your first aid kit, as it is so good at resolving many other ailments. Ailments such as abscesses, croup, pharyngitis, otitis media and many more that have the upper most symptom of being hyper sensitive to the pain of the ailment.

Source by Madeleine Innocent