Yesterday, the Greco’s thirteen year old son, Anthony, got sick. They had their parent’s wedding anniversary celebration at their house and he couldn’t join in. He was dreadfully weak, had a whistley wheeze and every breath he took was painful. His eyes were drawn and pale and he was also nauseous. This was one of those illnesses that could easily have turned into bronchitis or worse. His mom had suffered frequent bouts of asthmatic bronchitis as a child and his dad, too, had such bouts as a youngster.

But, there is something different in Anthony’s life than in most other children in the U.S. He has homeopathy as his method of healthcare. In fact, as a result of it, he has never had an aspirin, Tylenol or antibiotic in his thirteen years of life. He is a drug free kid. Had his parents adhered to the dictates of conventional medicine, Anthony would’ve been dragged to the doctor’s office for an antibiotic, analgesic, inhaler and perhaps a steroid just as the party was gathering for the celebration at their home. Like dominoes, this illness treated with meds, would have eventually advanced to future pathology. Instead, his mom gave him the homeopathic remedies, Ferr phos 6x hourly and Antimonium tart 30 every three hours. Anthony’s mom also knows that homeopathy not only resolves the episode at hand, but minimizes the chance of it recurring soon. If and when it indeed returns, it is with less gusto, doesn’t last as long and her child will have profited by it . She has noted in her children that there lies a developmental leap behind most illnesses. Last time it was when Anthony was struggling with math. After that well spent illness, he conquered the long division with aplomb.

Smart mom. After three doses of Antimonium tart, Anthony slept 14 hours straight into the next day. When he woke, he reported an improvement of 50%. Great! Yet, she knows it’s not done. More of the same remedy will be administered, but now less frequently. Two days after this rather mild illness, he will be back to his thirteen year old antics.

Contrast this with Jacob down the road. His mother tells Anthony’s mom that Jacob has had bronchitis twice this winter and has been on a daily dose of antibiotics since two months ago. Now he has skin rashes, stomach aches and chronic constipation. He sees the doctor monthly for adjustments to his inhaler because it no longer works so well. And it appears Jacob has developed asthma. Not only has Jacob lost time in school, but his mom mentioned he was struggling with his reading of late.

Why are these two boys so different? Why, it’s the method of care! Both boys started out the same. But health is not random. Anthony has an immune system that is strong because his mother doesn’t allow the introduction of drugs in her home.

Homeopathy celebrates staying away from the pharmacy. Each illness overcome without the use of medicine of commerce is an opportunity to strengthen the immune system. Homeopathy is rational, intelligent, with no side effects in the present or the far future and is profoundly curative. Two boys. Two families. Two different approaches to health. Which house would you choose?

Source by Joette Calabrese