The natural treatment of migratory arthritis by the use of homeopathic medicines, takes into consideration all of your symptoms. This should happen with all treatments of all conditions, as you are connected to every part.

When one part is affected, all will be to some extent. The medical model of separating each system for treatment means that it is very easy to have conflicting drugs.

Migratory arthritis means what is says – your arthritis moves around your body. There is no fixed place for it to anchor itself. It may alternate legs. It may be in a foot one day, the opposite elbow the next. There is no fixed pattern.

In homeopathic terms, this comes under the heading of ‘changeable symptoms’. Which also means that it probably won’ just the arthritis that changes – all systems will be prone to a changeable nature. Such as constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

And your moods. They may change from weepy to irritable in minutes. This is so reminiscent of children, but not exclusively.

Homeopathic treatment works by raising the level of your immune system. It does this either by searching for the cause of the problem, often expressed as having ‘never been well since’ (childbirth, accident, drug, vaccine, shock, fright, grief, injury, abuse, etc). Or by matching your symptoms to those of the most appropriate homeopathic medicine. Preferably both, that that’s not always possible.

The homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is one of the common home prescribing medicines. It is also one of the most common medicines with changeable symptoms – moods as well as physical symptoms.

Pulsatilla is certainly one of the top medicines for the natural treatment of migratory arthritis. Other strong symptoms, related to the limbs, of this medicine include:

  • pains are worse on first motion, better from continued movement
  • pains are better for cold, worse for heat
  • tensive pain lets go with a snap
  • pain is worse for letting the affected limb hang down
  • heat of feet, must uncover at night

Source by Madeleine Innocent