The natural treatment of dyspareunia is best tackled with homeopathy. Homeopathy works by treating the whole of you, not just the parts.

Dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse, can come about at any time, any age in both men and women. It’s not only limited to a painful experience. It can be an aversion to intimacy, too. The whole act has no attraction, is not welcomed.

It’s only when you understand the homeopathic medicines that you can begin to see the reasons.

Homeopathy works by matching your unique and personal symptoms to those of the medicine. The closer the match, the better the result. This means you need to be able to do an honest appraisal of yourself and your symptoms. Or have a professional homeopath do it for you.

The homeopathic medicine Sepia is one of the common hormonal medicines. It’s not so much that you are hormonal, as that this is your weak link. Basically, your immune system is very low and it’s expressing itself through your hormones.

Raise your immunity and the symptoms will vanish. There are many ways to achieve this – a good diet, yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine, relaxing, exercise especially in nature and many others. Homeopathy can do this very quickly, perhaps more quickly than any other way.

Sepia shows up at all the hormonal times – puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. There are problems at these times, headaches, emotional tension, pain, infections and irritability. Sepia also suffers after a miscarriage or abortion.

Emotionally, Sepias are easily overloaded. The demands of the family become too much of a burden, so children and partners bear the brunt of the anger. Obviously, this gives no room for a loving, intimate relationship.

Sepia is all about stasis. This is the lack of dynamism or a lack of dynamic energy that all living organisms need to thrive. The tissues become lax, the muscles are lax, the hormones don’t operate properly, there is sluggishness and mental dullness, indifference and irritability.

In these circumstance, who has any energy to function, let alone the extra needed for healthy bedroom activities? The natural treatment of dyspareunia needs to consider the causes, the reasons behind the problem.

Sepia tends to be cold, which isn’t surprising as they lack the vitality to keep their body temperature healthy. The worst time is in the afternoon. And they have a great craving for sweet things as well as sour things. Although fast exercise does invigorate, Sepias need a huge push to get started.

Source by Madeleine Innocent