Learning what the best natural treatment for bladder infections are has the potential of resolving many, if not all, of your health concerns. It’s not that you will necessarily stop getting health issues. But by treating them naturally, they will get less and less. And your energy will improve more and more.

This is the knock-on effect you gain by natural treatments as they work by raising your level of immunity. Drug treatments, on the other hand, tend to target the problem and prevent natural expression. This, in effect, lowers your immunity.

Using homeopathy for the natural treatment for bladder infections can be as simple as visiting a professional homeopath. All the details of how it came about will be gone through in a detailed way. All avenues are explored.

Then your symptoms will be matched to the most appropriate homeopathic medicine. Once you are taking a good homeopathic medicine, you may notice (if you are observant) that you become more mellow, less easily wound up. Your energy improves. And the bladder infection disappears.

Some people love to home prescribe. And this can be done very effectively with many common homeopathic medicines. There are about 40 of these. And you can do yourself a lot of good. Not everything, but a lot. Especially for those acute injuries and infections.

Pulsatilla is one of the common home prescribing homeopathic medicines. It can resolve many health problems, such as bladder infections, ear infections, hay fever, menstrual pain and discomfort, menstrual headaches, conjunctivitis, asthma, wandering or migratory arthritis and a whole host of other ailments, provided the symptoms agree.

The particular bladder infection (including cystitis) symptoms for Pulsatilla to work well are:

  • worse at the end of urination
  • worse when trying to retain urine
  • involuntary urination especially at night
  • involuntary urination on laughing, coughing, sneezing, passing flatus or lying down

But there is more. You need some of the deeper symptoms to match those of Pulsatilla for it to work. Symptoms that include an emotional dependency. A mild, timid disposition, that is easily influenced. A desire to be comforted. Moods can be changeable, from timid to irritable.

Modalities are always important when selecting an appropriate homeopathic medicine and those of Pulsatilla include:

  • better in the open air
  • better in a cool environment
  • worse during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause
  • worse in the evening, at night
  • worse for warmth or heat
  • worse for rich food, which is craved
  • normally lacks a thirst

Source by Madeleine Innocent