A good natural remedy for IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, needs to consider your uniqueness, your expression of the problem. This will be different from others who have the same problem. It also needs to consider what you are doing which contributes to the condition.

IBS is a digestive condition where you suffer abdominal pain accompanied by constipation, diarrhea or both, alternating.

Some of the more common reasons for IBS are:

  1. a poor diet
  2. a lack of water in your diet
  3. a low immunity
  4. a compromised liver

So these areas need to be addressed as a priority.

A diet high in animal protein and processed foods and low in fresh fruit and vegetables will never provide you with a healthy gut. Simply by swapping the priority around, to have a high intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and a low intake of animal protein, you may totally resolve your IBS.

Drinking when you are thirsty, or at least one liter of water a day, can make the difference between a healthy gut and an unhealthy one.

A low immunity and a compromised liver can come about by taking drugs – be they medical or social – and excess alcohol.

Antibiotics in particular, can be the cause of a lack of healthy gut bacteria, essential for balanced nutritional absorption and easy elimination.

By treating your ailments with natural methods, you do not run the risk of harmful side effects, which lead to other problems.

Homeopathy is a deep, far reaching, natural and complete system of health care. No side effects occurs with homeopathy. Appropriately selected remedies can give you immediate relief.

Other reasons that are often considered to contribute to IBS are stress, anxiety and depression. However, if you have a good immune system, these emotions will be much less of a problem for you.

Source by Madeleine Innocent