There is no health without mental emotional health. Emotions are very complex experiences and up to date nobody has been able to give a coherent explanation of what an emotion is. A better question will be where are they located? If you ask your doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist their answer will be very different: brain, heart, liver. The right answer is none of the above. Our emotions are located in our emotional body, which is not physical in nature but a highly energetic, vibrational entity connected to the physical body through stomach (the same place where we experience butterflies).

Today is almost common knowledge that the root of many diseases lies at the mental emotional level. Addictions, for example, have their roots in mental emotional traumas, they are just a way to compensate for the pressure and discomfort we feel at that level. If mental and emotional bodies are highly vibrational entities, how can we get there, to treat them? Conventional medicine does not have much to offer besides suppression and numbing. Even natural therapies, while they can offer some improvement, they don’t have a major impact when it comes to deep, long term, mental emotional illnesses.

The answer is, by using high vibrational remedies, known as homeopathic remedies. They are designed and made in a special way by diluting and potentizing hundreds or thousands of times the original substance. Only vibrational remedies can have a real impact on our energetic/vibrational level.

Emotional Detox
It is important to understand that emotional factors lie at two levels. The first level is the one where you are aware of your emotions. You feel, experience them directly – anger, guilt, resentment – and you react to them accordingly. The second level is the one where our emotions lie at sub-consciousness level. We are not aware of them, and we experience them indirectly as impulses and tendencies they create in us. These emotions are the most difficult to treat and heal. The healing process at this level is felt and processed via dreams.

Dreams are personal information sent by the sub-consciousness. These are disturbing experiences that are sometimes too powerful to be experienced consciously. Once you take the homeopathic remedy you start to dream more often, and the dreams become more vivid and clear. The subject of the dreams are usually connected to your past traumas that you hold an emotional attachment to.

Mental Detox
Hygiene is as important to mind as it is to the physical body. The mental field can be devitalized by too many negative or chaotic thought-form energies. Many people have the tendency to unconsciously absorb negative vibrations or thoughts, especially when there is such an environment around, and when they use alcohol or drugs. When these accumulate, the individual may no longer be able to think clearly or make rational decisions.

The homeopathic treatment works as a purgative, it has the ability to dissolve and release negative thoughts and vibrations – because the remedies are vibrational in nature. The result is greater vitality at mental level, positive and clear thinking. The treatment for mental emotional detox has three homeopathic remedies: MED-1, MED-2, MED-3 each one targeting one of the three specific areas described above. The remedies are made from natural sources. They are non-addictive, not tested on animals, and do not have any side effects.

Source by Virgil Paun