Meniere’s disease treatment is most successfully tackled by focussing on your immune system. With a healthy immunity, no disease can occur and existing diseases fade away.

What exactly is Meniere’s disease, also known as Meniere’s syndrome?

Basically, it is a disorder of the labyrinth of the inner ear. Symptoms may include tinnitus, a heightened sensitivity to loud noises, a gradual loss of hearing, headache and vertigo. Nausea and vomiting may occur in the acute stage, often accompanied by dizziness, profuse sweating and nystagmus (rapid and involuntary movement of the eyes).

Homeopathy is a natural and complete system of health care. It works by quickly raising your immune system quickly, so that now you can cure yourself. You can learn to use some common homeopathic medicines at home, or you can rely on the expertise of a professional homeopath. I like both options as this allows for more flexibility. You can’t know as much as they do, but they aren’t generally available 24/7.

If you have had Meniere’s disease for some time and have received various treatments, then I suggest it is too complicated for a homeopathic home prescriber. Successful treatment may take time, with progress quite slow at times. A professional homeopath is best able to prescribe an accurate medicine and monitor your progress.

However, if it has only just started, then you may be able to resolve it yourself, with a little homeopathic home prescribing.

One of the common home prescribing medicines is Silica. Silica is just as useful to the practitioner, as it can resolve many deep and chronic conditions.

Silica has strong ear symptoms, so can resolve the same. Ear infections, loss of balance especially when there is a loss of hearing. Silica is probably one of the best Meniere’s disease treatments, when caught in the early stages. Other medicines may be more appropriate for established Meniere’s disease sufferers.

Source by Madeleine Innocent