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  • Abrus Precatorius- Jequirity (Abr.)

    Abrus precatorius is a climbing plant, a indigenous of India, but has been presented to the Western tropics, and its utilization as an eye treatment was found by the natives of Brazil, who gave it, the name Jequirity.  Excelent remedy for Epithelioma, lupus,ulcers, granular lids.


    • Purulent conjunctivitis, inflammation tends to spread to the face and neck.
    • Granular inflammation of the eye (trachoma)
    • Keratitis



    • Epithelioma
    • Granular lids.
    • Lupus.
    • Ophthalmia.
    • Ulcers.


    Dose: Mother tincture diluted locally and 3x internally

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