• Abies Nigra – (Abies-n.)

    Abies Nigra

    Abbreviation: Abies-n.

    Abies Nigra is a highly effective and long-acting remedy for different illnesses, whenever the characteristic stomach symptoms are present. Most of the symptoms are related with gastric disturbances. In dyspeptic problems of the aged, with functional heart symptoms; also following tea or tobacco. Constipation.Pain in the external meatus.



    • Hot with flushed cheeks.
    • Low spirited.
    • Dull during the day, awake during the night,
    • Unable to think.



    • Pain in the stomach, always comes on after eating.
    • Sensation of painful lumps, almost like a ball is located in the cardiac end of the stomach, continuous distressing constrictions just above the pit of the stomach, like it is knotted up.
    • Loss of appetite in the morning but appetite and great cravings for food at noon and night.
    • Bad breath.
    • Eructations (dyspepsia)



    • Painful Sensation, almost like the individual has something lodged in the chest and needs to be coughed out.
    • Lungs feel compressed, cannot be fully expanded.
    • Chocking sensation in the throat. Dyspnea worse lying down (orthopnea)



    • Sharp cutting pains in the heart region, tachycardia



    • Pain in the lumbar region,
    • Rheumatic pains and aching bones.



    • Awake during the night and restless, with hunger, bad dreams.



    • Alternate heat and cold;
    • Chronic intermittent fever, with pains in the stomach


    • Constipation,
    • Cough.
    • Dyspepsia.
    • Eructations.
    • Hemorrhages.
    • Hypochondriasis.
    • Malarial fevers.
    • Effects of; Tea, Tobacco..

    Dose: First to thirtieth potency

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