Vertigo is often a symptom of the disorder affecting the vestibular division of the auditory nerve – the eighth cranial nerve. It is popularly termed as giddiness or dizziness by patients. The other symptom origins for the vertigo are the ocular, cardio-vascular, gastric and in some toxic situations. Prominent clinical entities observed in the cases of vertigo are otitis media, labyrinthitis, hypertension, alcoholism, sea-sickness and febrile toxins.

Will discuss few cases of vertigo treated with homeopathy:

A businessman, aged 50 years, had developed hypertension in recent past. The rise in the blood pressure was detected with this presentation of vertigo. He had aggravation of symptoms even in lying down position and was constantly having a fear of falling. Overall he had marked prostration with sinking of general vitality. On examination his pulse was full and strong. He was treated with Arnica and was relieved of his symptoms within a course of week.

Sameera, a girl aged 16 years, presented with giddiness after getting exposed to sun. She also had vomiting with diarrhea after three days. She was given Pulsatilla from her other symptoms of aggravation towards the evening and marked reduction in the thirst since the onset of these symptoms. Pulsatilla did relive her giddiness, but the sensitivity to the sun remained as it is. She also complained of severe throbbing headaches especially in the school, since she used to get exposed to sun on her way. These headaches used to get intense before her menstrual cycle, along with water retention especially in the lower limbs. Thus the prescription that followed was that of Natrum mur in the infrequent doses [almost once a fortnight] which relieved her entire plethora of symptoms in two months time.

Many patients who present with vertigo that is aggravated by rising or by raising the head and ameliorated by lying down quietly are invariably relieved by giving infrequent doses of Bryonia in 200 potency.

Many patients of Meniere’s disease, that presents with sudden and severe attacks of vertigo coupled with hearing difficulty and roaring or buzzing in the ears [tinnitus], are cured by drugs like Salicylic acid and China sulf. There was a young man aged 32 years who suffered with the same for almost a year. His complaints were relieved by lying down on sides, closing the eyes and becoming warm; while aggravation in open air, while moving eyes, by looking at light, by strong odor, in the forenoon. He had a strong aversion to sweets and had a peevish irritable temperament. He was at first given bryonia which did not help more than initial mild amelioration. But since the symptoms persisted, he was given a dose of Sulfur 200 and the entire symptomatogy got relieved.

Other remedies worth to note are Aurum met, Arnica, Causticum, Conium, Ledum, Crotalus, and Ther.

Source by Amit Karkare