It is all the more necessary to weigh the different pros and cons of homeopathic treatment regimes before going for it to get some relief from tinnitus. Do you know what the fundamental axiom of homeopathy is? It is ‘Like Cures Like’ – a rather diabolical phrase in itself. What does it mean? That the cure of a disease can be found in its own causes themselves? The answer to this query, according to most homeopathic experts, is a yes, and also, a no!

When the basic components that can result in an ailment are introduced in a certain manner orally, these components can become the vaccination ingredients against that disease, guarding the person against its attacks. This constitutes the ‘yes’ portion of the answer. On the other hand, in homeopathy, the doses are crucial. Contrary to the rules of most other common practices, here dilution in fact has the effect of raising the potency of the medicines. Thus, you should not let your jaw drop when you hear a homeopath proudly announce that his medicines can rival atom bombs in their powerfulness, when the drugs are diluted, say up to 1000 times!

The theory of raising the dilution of medicines in order to increase their power may seem a tad far-fetched. Nevertheless, the following examples easily establish the validity of the theory:

i) When taken in a heavy, concentrated dosage, sodium sulfate can bring about acute diarrhea. However, when the same sodium sulfate is diluted according to homeopathy, and consumed after that, it can effect a total cure,

ii) If individuals take in Ipeca (another popular homeopathic drug) in a concentrated dosage, they are likely to suffer from acute retching. Again, if we dilute Ipeca properly, and then administer it, the medicine can offer an effective cure from vomiting and nausea-related issues, and

iii) When consumed at its maximum concentrated levels, Graphites, can adversely impact the hearing system. However, when taken after adequate dilution, Graphites can serve as a good remedy against deafness problems and the tinnitus disease.

The Success Of Homeopathic Treatment For Tinnitus

How does homeopathy go about the business with dealing with tinnitus? At the very start, the affected individuals need to provide exhaustive information regarding themselves and their medical condition to the homeopath. This step stretches over a somewhat long period, and can prove rather tiring for many. A homeopath is likely to ask certain questions, which can be like this:

o What are your preferred items of food? Do you like to have sweets?

o Where do you feel more comfortable – inside your house or out on the streets?

o When, during the day, do you feel the most active?

o Would you like to take a holiday and go of to a sea beach or a mountainous resort?

o Do you sleep properly? If you do, when does sleep happen to be the deepest – during the early hours of night, or later on?

o Do you frequently have dreams? and

o Are your dreams pleasing ones or are they nightmares?

None of the above questions are apparently concerned with tinnitus. Nevertheless, the answers that the patients provide help homeopaths to suggest remedies for the disease.

Not all homeopathic medicines suit every sufferer of tinnitus. Notwithstanding, a list can be made of the most popularly prescribed homeopathic drugs that can fight tinnitus. Such a list would include the following:

o Carbo veg (full name: Carbo vegetabilis) – Some people affected by tinnitus are also prey to nausea and vertigo. They generally feel rather cold, but seek cool, fresh air as well. This medicine is meant for them,

o Calcerea carb (full name: Calcerea carbonica) – Tinnitus affected individuals can have difficulties in listening, and can also experience pulsing or crackling auditory disturbances. This drug is administered to such people,

o China (full name: Cinchona officinalis) – Those who are affected by tinnitus can grow highly responsive to all outer sounds. They tend to sweat too much, and a feeling of fatigue comes over them quickly. It is aimed at solving these problems,

o Chinium sulphuricum – If a tinnitus affected person has earlier medical records of vertigo, and has roaring, ringing, buzzing or sounds, this drug is widely recommended,

o Cimicifuga – Certain ladies, when affected by tinnitus, tend to have pains in their heads, and might also face complications in menstruation. In general, the neck and the back regions are likely to experience pain. This medicine is for them,

o Coffea cruda – Tinnitus patients can have a nervous get-up, and might feel vibrating sensations emanating from the rear of their heads. This drug can effectively fight this,

o Kali carb (full name: Kali carbonicum) – If both the ears are affected by tinnitus, making ringing, roaring and/or cracking sounds, (s)he should take this. The drug can come in handy if there are vertigo problems as they turn,

o Lycopodium – Those who are affected by tinnitus in both of their ears can have a foul-smelling discharge, experience pain in the ears, and may feel that reverberating noise from the ears. Low but continuous sounds of humming might also be audible. This is what they should have,

o Natrum salicycum – If tinnitus ailments hail from the Metiere’s Disease, or an over-reliance on a certain group of drugs (like, Aspirin), the affected person can hear non-loud sounds of humming. Such medical conditions can be satisfactorily resolved by this.

The effects of homeopathic treatment can be at best temporary, even if perceptible benefits may be had during this period. Only a holistic treatment can help the affected persons remodel their bodily setup in such a way that a permanent relief can indeed be obtained. This mode of treatment searches for the main reasons that might usher in the ailment, so that they might be totally removed. We also have to remember that the causes of tinnitus can be several as well. Unlike the remedial products that might be made at home, the holistic methods are much more effective, since they view the entire structure of the person as a single body to find out the causes of tinnitus, and then suggest appropriate remedies. These holistic treatment modes have been highly successful because they treat the causes and not the symptoms of tinnitus.

Source by Thomas Coleman