I believe that Homeopathy can be very beneficial in treating ITP disorder and should definitely be considered as an effective way to balance the immune system and promote healing.

Homeopathy, the world’s second most widely used system of medicine, is all natural, holistic, extremely effective, completely safe, has no dangerous side effects, works in harmony with your immune system and is not addictive.

In the last decade, Homeopathy has grown in popularity in the United States at about strong clip of about 35% percent a year. For a while, it had fallen back in popularity with the advent of “modern medicine” and the rampant use of harmful drugs as the answer and cure all for whatever sickness that you might have had, but now that more and more people are becoming increasingly alarmed about the harmful long term effects of modern medicines, they are returning in droves to more safe and natural and very effective alternatives to healing.

Exactly what is Homeopathy? It is a natural system of medicine based on the Law of Similarity. This practice has been effectively in use for the last 200 hundred years by homeopathic doctors of medicine. It is based on the premise that “Like cures Like”. This principle was developed by Samuel Hahnemann 200 years ago into a real system of medicine utilizing a remedy that is in an extremely diluted form. (Normally one part remedy to about 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water). It’s hard to comprehend that such a small dosage can have such a big impact, but it does and this amazing process has been used successfully ever since and is now gaining more and more ground and credibility as a safe and effective method of healing.

For example: take Syrup Of Ipecac, which is used to induce vomiting if someone has ingested certain poisons. Ipecac is made from the root of a South American plant called Ipecacuanha. In the South American native tongue it actually means “the plant by the road which makes you throw up”. When groups of healthy volunteers take this substance it causes extreme nausea, gagging and vomiting that could not be cured by just throwing up. But when this substance is diluted to a minuscule dose it actually works in the reverse and alleviates nausea and as a homeopathic remedy is prescribed for extreme gagging coughing after a bad cold or morning sickness with incessant nausea that is not relieved by vomiting.

This is the best example of how I can explain how a homeopathic remedy works. These remedies are prepared by a homeopathic pharmacy in accordance with FDA approval guidelines and are extremely safe.

Homeopathic remedies use similar principals as conventional allergy treatments and in vaccination programs, whereby the allergic substance or the virus is administered in a very small dose to boost the immune system against the particular problem.

The main obstacle to using Homeopathy effectively have been the difficulty in effectively prescribing the correct remedy and the enormous volume of remedies in which to choose the correct prescription.

But now there is finally new technology called the Bio-tracker that has found a way to cut through the guesswork of diagnosing what particular remedy to use.

I strongly believe that Homeopathy will be one of the main methods of treating ITP in the future and that the Bio-tracker technology will now put Homeopathy in the forefront of safe medical treatments for ITP disease.

Source by Maggi Pier