Being a homeopath, we always advise against the steroid and other harsh treatment options. Especially when a devout homeopath sees a child on inhaler, his heart weeps for him. According to the recent survey made by a leading scientific community in United States, the incidence of “use of inhaler” syndrome is on rise. Yes, we are having more and more cases of childhood asthma and respiratory illnesses than anytime before, thanks to the growing pollution level and to the ignorance of fellow doctors.

But are the parents concerned about the increasing trends of lowered immunity in children, their hyperactive nature, their behavioral problems, and social withdrawal? If not, it is high time parents should learn to correlate these varied problems to the harsh treatments they are seeking for their children.

Making the parents understand the harshness of these treatments on the immunity and their deleterious effects on the bodies and psyches of children is the prime job of homeopaths according to me. Well, if we intend to have a cleaner and healthier future for our children, we will never wish them to succumb to the “drug-disease” inflicted upon them.

The most irritating times are those when I watch fellow homeopaths (with definite exception of some good homeopaths) giving such inhalers for stipulated period to their children due to utter ignorance of vast capability of their homeopathy. With due regard to all, I would say, we are never perfect doctors and we should keep learning for entire life. So why not turn the pages of our vast material medica written by stalwarts and inbreed the seeds of knowledge into us? It is high time when we should realize our responsibilities and start homeopathy from our home.

For treating our children with aptly chosen homeopathic remedies, first we need to understand certain facts about hyper-reactive airway disease or any respiratory illness. Let’s see-

(1) In more than half the so-called ‘diagnosed’ cases of childhood asthma, what child actually suffers from is hyper-reactive airway disease.

(2) It may affect the child from as early as 4 months to 5 or 6 years of age.

(3) The child suffers from wheezes during respiration that are most of the times audible by the parents in sleep.

(4) The child may also suffer from nasal blockage and may suddenly get up in sleep due to stuffed feeling and inability to breathe.

(5) There might be associated cough that is a kind of hollow and sputum-less.

(6) In some cases however, there might be some sputum and the child may vomit due to accumulation of sputum in throat.

(7) If the child develops lower respiratory infection due to unattended frequent respiratory allergies, he may suffer from chest pain and constitutional symptoms like fever.

The respiratory symptoms vary from child to child and a homeopath must be a keen observer to find out the characteristic symptoms in the child. Nowadays, due to changed mentality of people around, we do get such respiratory allergy cases directly to us, that is, homeopaths. But if in case the child is brought to you by parents after traveling to many allergy specialists, the first thing a homeopath needs to do is convince the parents about efficacy of homeopathy in dealing with such cases. A good homeopath is almost always successful in convincing about the marvelous health benefits homeopathy can offer to the child along with making him deal efficiently with further allergies and infections.

Curing HRAD and/or asthma definitely the victory of homeopathy and homeopaths are bestowed with this responsibility of convincing the people about efficiency of homeopathy to deal with so many ailments scientifically and artistically too. What we dream of is a healthy world with heightened immune powers to drive away the allergies and infections forever!

Source by Shreya Deshpande