In 1988, I came down with what could be described as a very serious flu. I was ill for three to four weeks with a very high fever and body aches. My eyes were exquisitely sensitive to light, I could not keep anything in my stomach, and my body was very weak and weary.

Although I eventually felt better, I never really ”recovered” from this bout of flu. My energy was not good – I would run out of energy by 4 in the afternoon. I was experiencing a lot of vaginal yeast infections and was being treated with antibiotics for this condition.

As the months passed by, I had recurring bouts of flu and/or colds. My digestion became very finicky and I started craving sweets, though each time after eating them my stomach would bloat. Pretty soon, I was getting bloated and gassy after eating any food.

The lack of energy became a bigger problem for me. More and more often I would ”hit the wall” early in the afternoon around 1 or 2 pm. I noticed dry skin rashes coming up on my body. My concentration and memory were becoming noticeably impaired. Sometimes I felt very confused and would lose my way while out driving in my car. Time was passing by and I was becoming weaker. Then the daily migraines started – sometimes on waking and most often starting at 3pm in the afternoon. I could almost set my watch to their timing.

Over a four year period, I saw many doctors and specialists as I tried to discover what was going on with me. I was taking Nystatin for my gut, gamma globulin IVs to try and jump start my immune system, various supplements, B-12 shots twice a week, Synthroid for a newly discovered hypothyroid condition, and other medications, as well as natural remedies. I was trying all of this and seeing many doctors (including an Acupuncturist who prescribed Chinese herbs) and NOTHING at all was helping me. Many doctors told me that because they could not find anything specifically wrong in my blood tests that the disease was all in my head, that I should seek counseling, which I actually did. Still I was not only not getting well, I was becoming thinner and weaker. My blood veins became so fragile that I could no longer receive the gamma globulin IVs. I began to feel desperate.

It was at this point in 1992 that my then doctor recommended that I try homeopathy. I recall distinctly what she said: ”Cathleen, I do not know what else to do for you. Perhaps you should try homeopathy. It works for a lot of people.”

With those words, and because I was a typical American who followed doctors and Western medicine, the term ”homeopathy” was first introduced to my thinking and to my choices.

Soon after I saw a homeopath, had my case taken (a 2-hour in-depth process), was given some teeny tiny little pellets and was instructed to place all of the pellets under my tongue and to remain seated in the reception area for about 20 minutes. What happened afterwards is nothing less than a miracle.

Within one or two minutes after allowing the little pellets to melt under my tongue, I literally felt a shift in the energy in my body. I went from wet-ragdoll-limp to feeling totally energized and normal! No one was more surprised than I was. The homeopath came to check on me and ask how I was doing. My reply, ”I feel great!” She then suggested what I might experience over the next few weeks and we made an appointment for a follow-up visit in two months’ time.

The peak in energy lasted about 24 hours (I was sorry to discover). However, what happened next was a very good sign. I now call the body’s seeking homeostasis as ”the slinky effect.” I went from good energy back to the slump in energy then back again to good energy over and over again. The frequency of my bad days became less and less over time, as the more energetic good days became the norm.

It took a good year to regain and maintain healthy energy and for my various symptoms to recede and heal, including the hypothyroid (my endocrinologist was shocked that my thyroid healed itself. He thought that I would be on Synthroid for the rest of my life. To his credit, he became very interested in my case and asked me many questions about homeopathy. I could only share with him what I knew to that point, as I still did not know about or understand this type of medicine. That was all to soon change.)

In 1996, after continuing with my homeopathic treatments, studying chemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology and classical homeopathy and then graduating from Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine as a Certified Homeopath, I started my homeopathic practice in Redwood City, CA. Since that time I have practiced in Lahaina, HI, and now in Rohnert Park, CA.

My practice has evolved over the years to be a tri-fold service: homeopathic medicine, nutritional herbs and heavy metals detoxification. I also provide massage for clients as requested. The focus of my practice is on women’s health issues and on working with children with ADD/ADHD, Autism and learning challenges. I also offer teleconference training in the use of homeopathic medicines for common acute symptoms.

Homeopathy changed my health and changed my life. It might change yours!

Source by Cathleen Springer