I have had great positive experiences using the many products offered by King Bio. As an avid researcher of autism and the parent of a child who was formerly non-verbal, our greatest cognitive leaps and bounds have been made with using a safe potency of homeopathic remedies.

I can not do justice to Amy Lansky’s book “Impossible Cure”. The author does an above and beyond job of explaining how homeopathy can not only help your child, but also help everyone in general. This book is a must read and an eye opener for parents seeking to effectively help their children.

My daughter had no interest or attention span for reading, spelling, arts and crafts and combing her own hair.

I had come across researching “Attention and Learning”, an oral spray sold in most health food stores and online. Please refer to my blog listed below for the manufacturer links and additional product information. I used a dose of 3 sprays (adult dose, my daughter is now age 16) in her mouth. The spray tastes like water, but contains the homeopathic potency. It has the dosage out on the back of the bottle where 1- spray is for youngger children, 2 – 3 sprays for teens and adults.

Within one hour literally, my daughter had taken clay and made a caterpillar, including details like the black and whites of the eyes and took time to mold each leg. She never did this before. She then took out her notebook and started writing words and asked me how to write certain words, she paid close attention traced over my words and began practicing writing them on her own. She never had any interest in displaying this. I assisted her in combing her hair every day, she never commented or cared about anything she wore or how her hair looked. Now within one day of use, she handed me the comb while standing in front of the mirror requesting I comb her hair the way she would like it, she then proceeded to the closet to pick out a shirt and pair of pants she wanted. You must understand when I say again, that in her whole life, she never picked up on or demonstrated these abilities. It has currently been 6 months since we have been using the spray. We give her 3 sprays twice a day. Use once upon rising in the morning and once late afternoon before 5pm. Her attention span improves each day by leaps and bounds. Her verbal skills were once limited to short commands, but now each day I see more and more interest in wanting to interact and have a conversation. I see her being eager to learn as well as be creative.

Amy Lansky doesnt mention this spray in her book because, this spray was not on the market at the time her book was published. Amy Lansky does give the name of the homeopathic remedy that cured her son in the book. Instead of mentioning the cure here, I would rather you read the book. I have provided a preview link on my blog that describes the cure and names it and describes her son’s symptoms that justified using it.

Homeopathy works best when you understand you child’s total symptoms. Not just their physical symptoms, but also their emotional and behavioral symptoms.

Homeopathy is safe and does not interfere with prescribed existing protocols. The goal in mind is to step your child down from medications due to the reported (and un-reported side effects). I have written time and time again that prescription drugs used to help behavioral symptoms of autism and ADHD are no different than class 3 narcotics. I understand that many children have extreme behaviors where the only best decision for their own personal safety was to use drugs. I implore you to research homeopathy as an alternative to seeking improvement and I dare say cure, as a means of seeking to gradually reduce and eliminate the use of harmful drugs.

Amy Lansky’s story about the cure of her son Max is an amazing true story on its own. Now, it has become easier to find safe homeopathic solutions to improve what conventional medicine has deemed as a puzzle.

For me, the puzzle is not autism, but the people that see it as an incurable challenge.

Source by Joanna Ammons