Several people have asked me if homeopathy can help with depression, my answer is: Yes!

There are several symptoms that accompany depression.

The goal of homeopathy is to find the root of the problem and eventually by curing the symptoms ends up curing the disease.

Showing some examples,

For acute depression right after grief, for instance following the loss of a loved one or a job, the breakup of a relationships.
Symptoms tend to be: Sadness, a lump in the throat, regularly switching moods.
One of the good remedy for these symptoms is the Ignatia amara

For depression that occurs adhering to a humiliation experience, insult or loss of pride…
The symptoms that occur tend to be rounds of anger targeted at oneself or someone else.
One Remedy good for those in that category is the Staphysagria

For depression associated to loss or grief, especially if you have a tendency to dwell in the past.
The noticeable symptoms are per example an emotional individual who does not like to show his emotional baggage and rejects sympathy.
One of the good remedy for these people is the Natrum muriaticum.

For chronic depression, such as depression noticeable by emotions of despair and absence of significance in life…
The symptoms tend to be noticeable when the individual indulge in self-condemnation, self-reproach and self-criticism. The individual anticipates that obstacles are in the way and that, prevents the accomplishment of the goals. The person anticipates bad news and things to go wrong.
One of the remedy used for these type of individuals is the Aurum metallicum

There are different symptoms that accompany each and every case of depression, not just only the mental state, but also physical.

That’s one of the reasons that some people, that see an article somewhere, saying that, this or that a herbal or homeopathic medicine is good for depression or any other type of condition and when they take it, it wont do anything.

Will provide an example, i was talking to someone and i said well hypericum30c will help you with your problem, so the person connected the hypericum30c to saint john’s wort. Well Hypericum perforatum, identified as perforate St John’s-wort, typical Saint John’s wort, is a blooming plant in the family Hypericaceae, yes it is correct. So the person said, i am going to buy St John’s wort tea. Wrong!!! In homeopathy the ingredients pass through sucussion that is a process in which a substance is diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then vigorously shaken. The homeopath then needs to take attention to the potency as well, believe me it isn’t the same as drinking a St John’s- wort tea. So it wont have the same desired effect. If you dont know what you are doing, i would suggest you to look always for a homeopath, that can study your case and that will recommend the best for you.