The swollen, painful, and protruding blood vessels (veins) in the rectum and anus are termed as hemorrhoids or in layman’s term, piles. Millions of people are affected worldwide with hemorrhoids, which is basically of two types. If the distended veins develop above the dentate line (top part of anal canal), they are termed internal piles and if they originate below this line (lower end of anus), they are external. Here, we need to clarify one thing that hemorrhoids are present in everyone. Only in 4% of the population, they become evidently enlarged, swollen, and create problems.

All men and women are equally affected and the incidence shows an increasing trend, blame it on to our sedentary lifestyles and instant foods.

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids:

(1) Chronic constipation is the most important cause of hemorrhoids. More the straining at stool more are the chances to develop distended veins of anus.

(2) Pregnancy

(3) Liver disorders

(4) Tumors in pelvic region

(5) Portal hypertension

(6) Some cardiac diseases

(7) Cirrhosis of liver etc

The risk factors those may lead to development of piles are sedentary lifestyle, eating food with low fiber, drinking too less water, heredity, and aging.

The symptoms include pain while defecation that may last after stools. The piles may or may not bleed (in case of internal piles, painless bleeding is characteristic symptom). The external hemorrhoid may show up at the anal sphincter like bulging mass. Hemorrhoids may lead to itching around anus.

Scope of homeopathy in treatment of hemorrhoids:

The people with venous constitution are more affected with hemorrhoids. The circulation is affected in these people and that is the reason why in erect position, blood tends to accumulate in lower part of the body. Hemorrhoids are nothing but varicose veins of rectum and people with prominence of sycosis miasm in their constitution suffer from hemorrhoids more frequently.

Homeopathy has a huge scope in treatment of hemorrhoids and just like in case of renal stones, is able to treat it without surgery. Remedy selection is obviously based not on the diagnosis of hemorrhoids but depends upon the constitution of the patient. But for quicker relief from pain and bleeding, remedies like Aloe vera, Aesculus, Nux vomica, Collinsonia, Ratanhia, etc prove marvelous. Also homeopathy can be helpful in treating chronic constipation due to any reason. And it is obvious that unless constipation is treated, hemorrhoids will recur. Also the root cause of hemorrhoids must be recognized and treated appropriately.

Homeopathic medicines help one regularize his bowel habits and also to restore normal bacterial flora of large intestine. Even for hemorrhoids after delivery of the baby has specific remedies in homeopathy depending upon symptoms similarity and can help cure hemorrhoids without leading to incarceration (hemorrhoids those cannot be pushed back and lead to gangrene).

Auxiliary line of treatment:

(1) One must get active and include exercise in day to day regime for lasting relief from hemorrhoids.

(2) Also, one should drink optimum quantity of water to avoid constipation.

(3) Fibrous food including frequent servings of green veggies and fruits help in restoring regular bowel habits.

Source by Shreya Deshpande