Hair loss is one of the most typical challenges experienced by people throughout the world. A lot of us worry the idea of brushing our hair due to the fact that it may possibly result in hair loss and damage. Not forgetting when the winter arrives, the dandruff may hit in our pretty scalps leading to more hair loss. With this many people frequently try new products, new treatments that guarantee a decrease of hair loss, if you tried everything and you still have the problem, why not give a try to homeopathy?

With this said let’s investigate the various reasons as why the hair falls.
Even though is hard to pinpoint the cause of the hair loss, as they are so many, and sometimes so unthinkable, that we may think…this doesn’t have anything to do with my hair falling… and in the end, it does.


So some of the causes of the hair loss.



Stress, both physical and emotional, has been associated to hair loss.
Physical stress such as an injury or an accident triggers a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium.
Telogen effluvium is a type of short-term hair loss that usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event.
It usually occurs on the top of the scalp. Due to the fact hairs that get into the telogen phase, remain in place for two to four months before falling out, it maybe unnoticeable any hair loss until two to four months, after the occasion that triggered the problem.
Telogen effluvium rarely persists longer than six months, even though some cases last for a longer period.

The hair cycle typically has three phases:

Anagen or growth phase.
Catagen or transitional phase.
Telogen or resting phase.

Excessive Intake Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for healthy hair.
It repairs it and aids to maintain the scalp moist.
Several hair loss treatments have Vitamin A because it is thought to encourage hair growth. The issue is, that too much Vitamin A, can have adverse results on both the hair and body, and it may cause hair loss when the problem is originated by having to much vitamin A in the body.


Pregnancy can lead to hair loss due to physical and sometimes emotional stress.
Post delivery hair loss is very frequent in women.


It is typical for women to have hair loss and present bald patterns if they have a history of female baldness in their family.
This is the female version of male pattern baldness.

Lack Of Protein

Hair is composed of protein. Therefore, when you don’t take in enough protein, hair development is difficult.


Iron deficiency (anemia) triggers hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalances

Changes in the hormones, beginning or either going off birth-control pills,
also conditions such as Polycystic ovary syndrome have also been connected to hair loss.

Vitamin B Deficiency

The intake of B vitamins is vital when it comes to preserving the health of your hair. A deficiency of these vitamins results in hair loss.

Thyroid Disorders

When the thyroid is not able to generate specific hormones, it immediately impacts the health of your hair, causing hair loss.

Alopecia Areata

This is an immune system problem in which the growing hair is incorrectly identified and is attacked, therefor it wont grow.

Dramatic weight loss

Dramatic weight loss is frequently associated by the loss of nutrients.
Your hair needs suitable nutrition for development. When it isn’t nurtured, then it may cause hair loss.


Homeopathy Medicines For Hair Loss


Homeopathy has numerous treatments for hair loss, based upon the cause of the problem. A skilled homeopath research the case history of a individual in depth so that the root of the problem can be discovered. Once they have examined the trigger, an appropriate homeopathic remedy is then prescribed to the individual.

Here I present some Homeopathic remedies that can be very powerful for hair loss and can enhance hair growth.



  • Baldness in young people.
  • The individuals needing this remedy are very timid and lifeless in nature and have poor memory.
  • Normally these type of individuals present a history of throat complains such as tonsilitis.



  • Hair loss due to old age or due to syphilis .
  • The hair falls in patches.



  • Individuals who are highly hot blooded and complain of too much heat in body particularly in the head, palms and soles.
  • The individuals needing Sulphur show extra craving for sweets in food.
  • In some cases when the individual has an aversion to bathing and are generally filthy these individuals tend to attract a lot of long standing skin diseases resulting in hair loss.



  • Is an outstanding remedy used to deal with baldness cases taking place too early and can be provided to those individuals that complain of some sort of gastric trouble like flatulence, constipation or liver problems along with hair loss.
  • The individuals necessitating Lycopodium clavatum generally crave hot drinks, hot food and sweet things



  • Hair loss following a significant acute disease or at the scar of a recovered injury.



  • Silicea, is generally provided to those individuals who suffer from hair loss and complain of pain in head generally at the right side combined with hair loss.
  • The individuals needing this remedy are very delicate to cold air and generally have very unpleasant perspiration on the feet. Mentally the individuals necessitating this remedy are very headstrong and stubborn in nature.



  • Psorinum is extremely helpful in dealing with the hair loss that took place due to eczematous skin lesions on scalp, that discharge sweaty and very unpleasant fluid. These types of discharges results in the hair to stick jointly, which additional leads to the hair getting tangled and eventually damaged.
  • The individual needing Psorinum feels excessive chill as well as the desire to be warmly covered even in the summers.



  • Decrease of pubic hair because of syphilis or gonorrhoea



  • When the hair is damaged because of eczematous skin lesions of scalp.
  • The individuals requiring Mezereum will grumble of thick crusty eruptions on scalp, combined with a discharge of thick unpleasant pus, discharges these ones that can eventually lead to hair loss



  • Hair loss due to eruptions on scalp in which the discharge from eruptions is fetid as well as associated with burning type of discomfort in scalp.
  • This medicine can be used in those individuals in which excessive perspiration is present, alongside with excessive salivation from mouth and an enhanced thirst for water.



  • Falling of pubic hair



  • Applied when the hair loss is due to dandruff.
  • The dandruff is white in colour



  • Applied when the hair loss is due to dandruff.
  • The dandruff is yellow in colour



  • Hair loss because of the dryness of scalp and dandruff



  • Hair loss after child birth.
  • Women who suffered from anemia and hair loss, combined with intense headache after the delivery of a child.
  • The females needing this remedy normally complain that the headache is more painful when there’s heat from the sun.
  • The individual may display an excessive craving for salty things



  • Phosphoric acid is recommended when falling of hair takes place following an stressful disease .
  • Hair then to fall out from head, eye brows , eyelashes etc.



  • Pulsatilla can be used by those women who suffer from excessive hair fall after delivery.
  • Complete absence of thirst for water and desire for fresh open air.
  • The mental symptoms that are to be considered for its use are when the individual gets emotional on the tiniest matters, and relief when someone gives consolation.
  • Another symptom that instructs its use in the hair loss problem, is when the individual is unable to digest fatty foods.



  • Hair loss in the menopause phase.
  • The women requiring this medication have a history of long standing headaches.
  • Complains of hot flushes followed by chills, perspiration and express pains in the lower part of the uterus.
  • The mental symptoms of the individual, tends to be irritable in a extreme degree, and shows indifferent behaviour in regard to family members.



  • Hair loss in anaemic patients.
  • Good for anaemic individuals who complain of hair loss.
  • A regular complain in these situations is that the hair is extremely thin and gets stuck together and form bunches, therefore making it difficult for them to be untangled and combed. Soon as these bunches are cut, other group of bunches tend to form.



  • Can be provided to those individuals in which the hair loss is accompanied with anaemia.
  • People who suffer from hair loss due to Loss of blood in any form such as extreme bleeding during menstruation or loss of blood after an injury that end up leading to anaemia.
  • The individuals needing this remedy generally complain of a fragile digestive function combined with excessive flatulence.



  • Also for anaemic individuals typically in anaemic girls who develop too quickly at puberty and experience hair loss combined with an intense headache together with acidity in stomach.



  • Hair falls from the head because of anaemia



  • Utilised for hair loss in spots
  • Normally used in the individuals with a hot temperament, they tend to get worse in any warm environment and this individual regularly desires cold environment.
  • Also for Hair loss in bunches that take place throughout typhoid fever.



  • Hair loss during typhoid fever.
  • The signs that advises its utilisation, are patches of hair loss on scalp along with uncommon craving for salty things, cold drinks and ice creams.
  • The patients requiring Phosphorus tend to be tall, thin and slender in physical appearance.



  • It can be prescribed to individuals in which the hair is lost within properly identified areas, normally these individuals tend to be fat and flabby.
  • Other signs are extreme chilliness with intolerance to the minor draft of air, abnormal sweat on the scalp and uncommon craving for boiled eggs.



  • Utilised for those individuals who present hair loss in spots in which the white coloured hairs, tend to grow back in the areas where the hair loss primarily occurred.



  • Hair loss because of scalp diseases.
  • Scalp tends to be intolerably itchy resulting sometimes in bleeds due to scratching



  • Hair loss which can be chronic because of dandruff’s and quite a lot of itching



  • Thallium is efficient for falling of hair after an acute , stressful disease . It is recommended when alopecia with excessive sweating on the head is present.



  • With the use of this remedy the hair tends to grow faster than usual and it gets to be darker . New hair tends to develop faster following a fallen hair.