Graphite is a form of carbon which is best known for being an element contained in pencil lead. Graphite has numerous polishes, lubricants, batteries as well as electric motors. Homoeopathically prepared graphites is made with the powdered form of graphite and is prepared by pulverizing graphite powder with milk sugar with a view to make it soluble. When the mixture is dissolved in water, it is diluted and succussed frequently to the desired levels. The resultant solution is the homeopathic remedy graphites that do not retain the slightest trace of the original molecules of graphite.

The potential to use graphites as a homeopathic remedy was established by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy. He learned that employee working in a mirror factory applied graphite powder to help cure their cold sores. It has since evolved to become a good remedy for skin conditions as well as metabolic problems. Graphites is not a constitutional cure but has nevertheless been used successfully in treating chronic or persistent health conditions.

A key reason why graphites is not an obvious constitutional type remedy is because people belonging to the Graphites type often have few visible and obvious features about them. Such individuals are often pleasant, gentle, inconspicuous and straightforward. Another issue that individuals belonging to the Graphites type are missed as being the constitutional types is that these people may resemble many other remedy types both physically and mentally. As a result many of the people requiring the homeopathic remedy graphites are often given other homeopathic medications which have in common traits with the Graphites type individuals. Hence, it is needless to say that giving non graphite type homeopathic remedies to the Graphites types does not show any effect on them.

Individuals who tend to show the best results with homeopathic remedy graphites tend to be physically oriented. These people are usually very practical with a strong bias for action rather than having lengthy discussions. Graphites is the best homeopathic remedy for people who appear to be very good at coping with most situations in life. They may however have an inclination to become lethargic and temperamental.

Homeopathic Graphites is used to cure a wide range of ailments, but it is a vital therapy for skin disorders, particularly weeping eczema, accompanied by a discharge resembling honey that generally occurs at the back of the ears and the knees or on the palms of the hands. Homeopathic graphites is often indicated for individuals suffering from metabolic imbalance that may result in skin disorders such as dry, cracked skin, psoriasis and cuts that become easily infected. Deformed nails wherein the nails are usually thick, cracked and distorted is sometime seen. In addition, some people suffering from metabolic imbalance may also become overweight as their body is not able to absorb nutrients in an appropriate way. In such cases, graphites not only helps to cure the main health condition, but can also provides relief or prevents the associated symptoms.

As well as being an effective remedy for skin complaints, graphites can also be helpful for stomach curing ulcers resulting of weakness in the stomach lining. People suffering from these ulcers often feel much improved when they are lying down or consuming hot food.

Graphites can also a beneficial for women who have sporadic or no menstruation flow. It is also given to women who have distended ovaries, delayed menstruation accompanied by constipation as well as those suffering from swollen and tender breasts.

Homeopaths also recommend taking graphites for curing nails that may possibly become dehydrated, cracked as well as aching.

Graphites is a great remedy for mental disorders such as lack of self-assurance, self-doubt and also timidity. It is an appropriate homeopathic medication for people who have a negative attitude.

Source by John R Harker