Let’s talk about Thrush, every woman’s nightmare.

Homeopathic approach for treating thrush.

Thrush is the most common vaginal infection caused by over growth of yeast called Candida. More than 90% of this yeast infection caused by Candida Albicans, and the rest by other type. Candida is a fungus, this fungus lives naturally in most woman’s vagina in a small amount, and when the natural balance of Candida depleted it can produce painful and unpleasant symptoms and cause irritation of vagina and surrounding area.

Different factors can cause Thrush or vaginal infection like:

• Daily stress

• Course of antibiotics (It is usually prescribed for infections including cystitis or Vulvovaginitis as well) antibiotics will destroy bad and good bacteria and lack of good bacteria in the wall of intestine can cause yeast overgrowth.

• Poor sleep habit and sleeplessness

• Weak immune system

• Weak general health.

• Diabetes

• Menstruation or monthly periods

• Contraceptive pills and use of other birth control methods like IUD.

• Use of steroids

• Hormonal imbalance.

• Pregnancy

• Menopause

• Excessive sugary food

Thrush /vaginal infection can cause unpleasant symptoms which are disturbing for women and this is one of main cause for antibiotic usage and as a result chronic thrush or vaginal infection and this cycle can go on.

Symptoms include:

Burning sensation

Itchiness around and inside vaginal,

Increased discharge, usually thick and white or clear with no odour,

Redness and swelling,

Painful sexual intercourse,

Pain with urination.

In the case of candid widespread overgrowth there are other symptoms may occur:

PMS or pre-menstrual symptoms including mood swings, fatigue, water retention, breast heaviness and tenderness.

Food sensitivity, allergic reaction, joint pain, chronic fatigue, skin rashes and disorders, urinary tract infection.

Digestive system problems like bloating, diarrhoea and constipation, indigestion, heartburn,

Other conditions like Hypoglycaemia.

Women who suffer from mild and infrequent Thrush can decrease and alleviate their symptom in a great deal by using Homeopathic remedies and self care measures. In the case of recurrent thrush and other symptom of overgrowth of Candida Albicans they need to consult with a professional homeopath for their treatment.

Treating Thrush the Natural way

Homeopathy can treat effectively Candida infection effectively without harming the balance of micro flora in the intestine.

The following remedies can be used for yeast infection treatment:

Pulsatilla: Thrush before period or during pregnancy Thick yellowish and green discharge, worse at night and dairy food. Better for company and fresh air, better for crying,

Nitric Acid: Acidic offensive discharge,burning, severe itching inside and around vagina, splinter like pain., sever itching of foreskin vagina after sex.

Sulphur: Extreme itch which gets worse with heat, sever itch effects vulva to anus area. Offensive white or yellow before period. Symptoms are worse with washing, sugary food, standing and sugary foods.

Kreostotum: Thrush with sever burning deep inside vagina, irritating, offensive yellow vaginal discharge that stains underwear, discomfort sensation in the back.

Sepia: thrush with irritating offensive yellow discharge, extreme discomfort, and itch gets worse when walking. Irritable, depressed and exhausted with symptoms.

Borax: Thrush occurs mid -menstrual period, thrush with burning, itching, sensitivity and swollen sensation in vagina. Discharge watery, hot, Irritating or like egg white. There is sensation of hot water flowing down.better for cool condition.

Other remedies like Arsen alb, Calc carb, Mercurius, Nat Mur, and Candida albicans can be used in treating Thrush.

There are other measures can be taken to reduce the symptoms:

In order to reduce and relief the itch, cold Natural yoghurt if applied to the irritated area is very soothing.

Wearing loose cotton underwear instead of synthetic, and avoiding tight trousers and leggings as they will create a warm and moist environment for Candida overgrowth.

Avoidance of foods and drinks that aggravate the thrush symptoms, such as cheese, tea alcohols,fizzy drinks and any sweetened drinks, white bread, meats that have been treated with hormones and antibiotics.

Use of Supplements like Acidophilus, Caprylic acid, or evening primrose for recurrent Thrush is very effective.

Usage of supplements to strengthen the immune system like anti oxidants and supplementation of Supper Green Foods like Blue Green Algae for reduction of body’s acidity are very important.

Please note for homeopathic remedies potencies 6c or 30c can be used depending on severity of symptoms and reduce the intervals if the symptom gets better.

So there is a natural solution and there is always choice as long as there is awareness.

Source by Paris Rose