It has been discovered that episiotomy healing is not as fast or as problem free as that of a natural tear. An episiotomy is the incision made at the rear of the vagina during childbirth.

It is practiced in order to prevent natural tearing of tissue, as it is considered to be less damaging. However, it is emerging that this is far from the truth.

An episiotomy can cause more pain than a natural tear. It can be slower to heal with more complications as a result. That is a great idea to contemplate if you are still pregnant, or only considering the possibility of having children.

If you have already had an episiotomy and are looking for a way to heal it more quickly or help with the pain, then the following information may be just what you are searching for.

The best way to approach effective episiotomy healing is to look for a system of medicine that looks more at the whole of you and less at the local problem. By taking into consideration the whole of you, is much more likely to resolve the local problem.

All of you is connected. What happens in one part, affects all the other parts.

First lets look at what your possible emotional feelings at the time of the birth may have been. During childbirth, all your modesty flies out the window. You want the help on offer, but may feel uncomfortable with the lack of privacy or worse, from the invasive procedures.

This can lead to a feeling of having been violated or humiliated. It’s not that much different from the emotional feeling of violation after rape. In this case, you knew you needed the help, but the feeling remains. This is often at the heart of the pain and lack of healing after an episiotomy.

Homeopathy is a natural and complete system of health care. It works by finding the cause of the problem, and/or by your unique set of symptoms. The cause is what is blocking your immune system from functioning as it should. Free the block, by undoing the cause, and away you go. Your natural healing abilities return.

Staphysagria is one of the most appropriate homeopathic medicines when you have problems that start after you have this feeling of humiliation or violation. If this seems to be how you are feeling, then this medicine may be the best way for your episiotomy healing.

You will also notice that the emotional feelings disappear, too.

Source by Madeleine Innocent