Dental abscess treatment can come from a variety of modalities. The most common is probably the use of antibiotics. Although this can, in many cases, get rid of the abscess, it doesn’t always. And the use of antibiotics does nothing for your overall and future health. Not only do they work by knocking your immune system down, they allow bacteria to mutate.

By the effective use of homeopathic medicines, you are not killing off bacteria. Rather, you are raising your immune system, so that the bacteria no longer find favourable conditions to thrive and multiply.

This is obviously a more desirable outcome, one which is win-win. A more efficient dental abscess treatment.

To use homeopathic medicines effectively you need to know what you are doing. Often this is best left to a professional homeopath, who is also skilled in monitoring your progress.

However, the medicines found in good homeopathic home prescribing kits means you can do a lot yourself. And you don’t need to know as much for these to work for you.

Silica is a common homeopathic medicine found in such kits. It has a multitude of uses which are widely varied. It affords one of the best dental abscess treatments, as long as your symptoms fit.

The strong keynotes of mouth symptoms of Silica include:

  • dental abscess at the root of the teeth
  • worse for cold food, drinks and inspiring cold air
  • sensation of a hair on the tongue
  • may have a history of gum infections, gum boils and fistulae

Other mouth and teeth problems may include:

  • difficult or slow dentition
  • teeth decay or break easily
  • a lack of tooth enamel
  • swelling of the tongue on one side

If Silica is a good match for you, you may find that more than the dental abscess clears up. You may find that the condition of your mouth overall improves. That you no longer get the frequent gum infections.

And there will be a knock-on effect of a general boost to your health, which is the inevitable result of restoring your immunity to its former glory.

Source by Madeleine Innocent