Diabetes can be cured by homeopathic medicines. Homoeopathy is an alternative system of medicine. It has great scope for Diabetic patients. Homeopathy is totally safe and uses minimum doses so it is perfect to be used in treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes. The homoeopathic medicines not only help in reducing or lowering blood sugar or blood glucose values but also help in maintaining overall wellness and good health.

The commonly used medicines in Homeopathy for diabetes are Arsenic, Phosphorus, Phosphoric acid, Lactic acid etc. There cannot be any one homeopathic medicine for all diabetics in general, because homoeopathy believes in individualization. That means that every diabetic patient is unique in homeopathy.

A Homeopath will take a detailed case taking before he or she prescribes any medicine for you. Every diabetic patient will have certain general symptoms which are common to all diabetics and some special symptoms which are peculiar only to him or her.

For example a diabetic patient may complain of increased thirst which is just a common symptom of all diabetics. But on detailed questioning he may tell you that he feels like drinking large quantities of water at frequent intervals. Now that is very peculiar is it not? He may tell you he cannot tolerate warm water. May be he likes to have his water iced.

All these physical peculiarities are considered along with his or her mental and emotional symptoms. Cravings and aversions to certain articles of food, memory, intelligence, intuition fears, disposition, dreams and desires of the patient are also considered in the case taking. In addition to this the genetic make up, the constitutional tendencies and the pathological changes in the body are all analyzed.

The best part about Homeopathic treatment is that it can not only be used independently but also as a compliment to other methods of conventional treatment.

Source by Chris Eliza