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Carla Barbosa DHom.

Carla Barbosa DHom.

IAHT Registered


  UK: +44 7418 334403

  Skype: carlabarbosa11

HAPPY Homeopathy Patients

Brian James

I had a bad case of cataracts, was blind from one eye for 26 years, and the other eye was going in the same way. Carla did sort my problem out. Thank you!

Lauren Brown

I had problems with my liver and  very awful pains and Carla was a life saver.  Also had a allergy problem,  the allergy headache passed in 1 day and the liver pains got sorted in 3 days

Sarah Christine

I had a pulmonary infection problem and Carla, helped me, it was hard for me to go to work and i  couldn’t  take more days off.  It was a bless that she was around.

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