When your back muscles ache, or repeatedly spasm, they are often overworked. Their pain or soreness may be fatigue. Spasms suggest that they just can not shut off.

Many natural therapies will provide you temporary relief. But when a therapy treats the cause, instead of the symptoms, you will feel longer-lasting relief. These 3 ancient practices may get to the defect root of the problem.

Muscle Activation.
Many styles of muscle activation have been taught and practiced over the years. In ancient far Eastern cultures, exercises like martial arts and Tai Chi have been used to release tension and improve energy-flow. The muscles loosen and release stagnant energy, clearing and replenishing the whole body.

One modern-day style of muscle activation is Applied Kinesiology (AK). It was developed by chiropractors. Its principles are more passive than older exercise-based styles. Whether you receive AK or older styles, your muscles may get the rebalancing they need.

At its root, acupuncture moves energy. Its tiny pins enhance construction. Its goal can appear similar to muscle activation. It can draw energy from overworked muscles, and energize muscles that are not working hard enough. However, acupuncture can treat other related problems, too.

When our muscles are out of balance, other body systems may get imbalanced. Digestion, breathing, sleep, and mood all may be affected by muscle imbalances. Acupuncture is effective for treating systems, causes, and other secondary problems.

Some would consider homeopathy to be more modern. The first college based on homeopathy was founded in the mid-1800s (Hahnemann).

But ancient cultures practiced the same principles to heal people thousands of years ago. A homeopathic physicist will develop a special therapeutic blend of natural ingredients, based on information the patient provides about their condition.

In a similar way, shamen of native cultures around the world develop potent tinctures from plants to treat their patients. Herbalists and plant-doctors have also used these kinds of treatments. They may mix up balms and salves, pills or potions. Many natural therapies use homeopathic principals to treatment treatments based on a larger picture of the patient’s experiences.

Although you can get relief from many natural therapies, the most effective ones will be based in these fundamental practices.

Source by Nina Schnipper