It is said that “A man is as old as his arteries”! How true! Better the arterial circulation, better are the chances of health and longevity! Obviously age is the major non-modifiable factor in developing the sclerotic changes in arteries but there are many modifiable factors too. High bodily cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, faulty diet, etc are some of them. They can certainly be modified to reduce the chances of early arteriosclerosis.

Familial traits have also been observed in cases of early arteriosclerosis. Such patients have to take extra care not to fall prey to fatty deposits in arteries by maintaining their diet and exercise regime. ‘Being a man’ too increases the risk by some percentage. However, women should not be careless. Once they pass the menopausal stage, they equal their chances of arteriosclerosis as in men.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, etc have also been blamed for early arteriosclerosis.

Treating the root cause is obviously important and while treating homeopathically, apt cause can be traced through efficient history taking of the individual. It has been observed that with appropriate homeopathic constitutional therapy, the arteriosclerosis changes can be reverted back, even in patients with positive family history. Obviously the patient needs to be counseled about right eating habits and exercise too.

Now let’s see some of the important homeopathic medicines that can help tackle the problem of arteriosclerosis!

(1) Arnica- This is one of the most important remedies while treating homeopathically. Arnica prevents formation of clots in blood. When chosen wisely in right potency, Arnica reduces blood cholesterol (LDL) steadily too. It aids in hassle-free circulation.

(2) Crataegus- In mother tincture form, this medicine is seen to literally dissolve the arterial plaques. Though the patient has to take this mother tincture for long time.

(3) Arsenicum iod- thickening of arteries, tachycardia, slow circulation leading to venous congestions. Extreme weakness is frequently a concomitant.

(4) Sabal serrulata- Some problems in kidney or bladder leading to one or more arterial problems. Fatty deposits in renal and cardiac arteries.

(5) Colchicum- rheumatism induced arteriosclerosis. Slow circulations. Cutting pains in cardiac region due to arterial problems

(6) Kali phos, calc fluor, natrum mur, Ferrum phos, etc are some of the biochemic salts to be remembered (individually as needed) while treating arteriosclerosis. They help in eliciting efficient compliance from the patients to the selected homeopathic regime.

The above mentioned medicines are the specific medicines that may be needed while treating arteriosclerosis in patients. However, the homeopathic treatment must involve constitutional therapy in order to revert the changes and halt the progress of any disease, including arteriosclerosis.

Source by Shreya Deshpande