Case Study

Mrs. D.R., a 22 year old patient reported with Allergic colds since last 3 to 4 months.

She gets continuous running nose and greenish watery discharge. As soon as she gets up she has continuous running nose. Immediately after washing her face, all the symptoms begin. She has feverish feeling, burning in eyes with headache.

When she is suffering she has to be in bed for at least 6 to 8 hours and feels tired, lethargic and run down.

She also complains of irritation in the upper part of mouth, nose and throat. She is better by rubbing the nose and ear vigorously. Face becomes hot.


  • Cold climate
  • Cold drinks, Ice creams, Juice
  • In A/C
  • Fast Fan
  • Touching nose
  • Cooking
  • Summer starting
  • Morning early bath
  • Change of temperature Nose block ++
  • Mental Tension+++


  • Evening
  • By brushing teeth at night
  • Avoiding washing of face till afternoon
  • Warmth
  • Love, affection and consolation



She feels floor is not even and is bumpy. > By going to sleep.

Graying of hair at age of 21 years. She has giddiness Lying down Irritation with nose blocked


Physical Generals:

Appetite: Normal, avoids food if has any work Bowel: Constipation Craving: Spicy++, egg


Perspiration: Summer, stains yellowish more on underarms and legs

Urine: Burning sometimes

Stool: Semi solid

Sleep: Sleepy. Must sleep in afternoon. If doesn’t sleep then gets cold and unrefreshing feeling

Dreams: Day to day life, does not remember

Menses: Dysmenorrhea. First menses at the age 15 years. Cycle: 3/25 days. Occasional Leucorrhoea.

Desire winter

Likes fan but aggravated++

Bath: Hot water or Tepid water

Covers only legs.

Family History:

Father: High B.P. Grand Father: Heart attack Paternal Gr. Mo.: Died of Cancer

Mother: Obesity & Hair fall


Weight: 52 Kg.


Chest NAD

Nails breaking, cracking.

Face few eruptions; dark ring around eyes

Nose congested.

Life Space

She always craves to go to mother’s home. If her ego is hurt, she thinks about it a lot, but cannot tell her mother-in-law anything. The fact that she is incapable of having a child is known by relatives. This hurts her a lot. She likes to spend money and likes to have her own cash, which she cannot have at her in-law’s place. There is a limited amount available for spending. She used to buy 1 new dress every day, she may be buying 1 dress every day even now. And she never repeats a dress. I have seen her atleast 30 times as she comes with her friends or relatives and she has never worn the same dress again. Her friend told me that in 2 years she does not wear the same dress again and she changes clothes morning and evening both times.

She is tall, slim, beautiful and fair. She comes basically from a very rich family. She has 2 sisters and a brother. Her parents have given her lot of money, many dresses and lots of jewellery. As a child she has been pampered and brought up in a very luxurious and protected environment and always got whatever she wanted. She was very fat till the age of 8 years. Studying Ok.

Reserved by nature. Only after entering University started making friends. Takes lot of time to mix with people.

Completed her graduation in Commerce.

Forgetful++, forgets names++, forgets the relatives.

She is very emotional, moody, talks a lot without reason. Sensitive +++

Hot tempered and out spoken.

Husband is good. She prefers his company.

She takes tension of numerous things without reason.

She has tired to please everybody after marriage. She has been repeatedly hurt by her in-laws. Repeatedly mother-in-law insulted her, as she did not know much about cooking or house keeping.

She is better by consolation.

Wants to sleep, sleepy+++

Feeling depressed and cries easily++, even to go anywhere nearby needs some company.

Now she is jealous as her sister-in-law is pregnant.

Upset+5 as her sister-in-law is pregnant for the second time.

Very much scared of lizards, cockroaches or insects.

After some time of marriage they were planning for a child she consulted a gynecologist. She has no problems but husband has oligozoospermia. She started having negative thoughts soon after and was depressed++. She used to cry again and again. As a routine she fights with her husband but she loves him also.

Treatment History


Gratiola 6 pinch powder every 15 minutes.

SL 2 Pills 4 hrly

SL 1-1-1 x 7 days

As Gratiola 200, which is the desired potency, was not available, I had to give Gratiola 6. As the potency was not desired, I had to repeat the dose frequently.


Better with medication

Stool improvement

Better after passing flatulence

Gratiola 6 Pinch powder every 15 minutes

SL. 2 pills 4 hrly

S.L. 1-0-1x 7days


All complains better

Ct All x 7days



Ct All x 7days



Ct All x 7days



Ct All x 7days



Ct All x 7days

Only few symptoms remain. Troubles are better on the whole


All symptoms Better. No complaints.


Homoeopathic Materia Medica is a treasure house of symptoms which comes in the aid of the Physician in the treatment of various conditions and constitutions.

As a general expression, the word Pride often reminds one to think of remedies like Platina, Palladium, Veratrum, etc. A careful reading and analysis of some small remedies can often bring out excellent cures in the clinical practice. Gratiola is one such remedy which is indicated “for the mental effects of overweening pride.” Nux Vomica Symptoms in females often require Gratiola. This remedy is especially indicated for the present day Daughters-in-law and for the intelligent subordinates working under stupid superiors.

Source by Dr. Jawahar Shah