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About Me

About Me

My name is Carla Barbosa and I commenced with fascination in homeopathy in 2014, but, it was only around the year 2016 that I made a decision to undertake a homeopathy course. The curiosity began soon after a couple of friends journeyed to the conventional medicine for their issues, where in both instances paracetamol was prescribed, one of them had a mild depression but practically nothing was taken care of in regards to the depression. So my alternative medicine awareness commenced, the more I explored the more fascinated and captivated I became.
In the beginning of this year I accomplished my homeopathy course with higher distinction, and since then I haven’t stopped. The cases I have taken care of so far with success were depressions, anxiety problems, pulmonary infections, liver related problems, sinuses, cataracts, carpal syndrome and the list increases daily with different kind of conditions.

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