Colin Blake & Partners

Psychometric Consulting Practice

C Blake BA (Hons) Psych UCT
Registered Psychometrist (Private Practice)
HPCSA No: PMT0069035. PR No: 060018

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to Optimise People Potential and Performance
whether this be for recruitment, development or guidance

Our Mission is to provide expert psychometric assessments for: 
Recruitment and Selection
Talent and Leadership Development
Career and Study Guidance

Recruitment and Selection

Select not just good but outstanding talent for the job 

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Recruitment and Selection Assessments

  • Executive selection assessments
  • Managerial selection assessments
  • Graduate selection assessments
  • Emerging leader selection assessments
  • Entrepreneurial selection assessments

  • Supervisory selection assessments

  • Employee selection assessments
  • Group volume recruitment testing

Selection assessments include:
  • Testing of cognitive and thinking abilities, personality and competencies (done at the consulting rooms, or remotely via zoom) 
  • Feedback of the results to the Recruitment & Selection Practitioner, and
  • A selection report

Talent and Leadership Development

Understand how to develop outstanding leadership

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Talent and Leadership Development Assessments

  • Executive development assessments
  • Managerial development assessments
  • Graduate development assessments
  • Emerging leader development assessments
  • High potential employee development assessments
  • Supervisory development assessments
  • Employee development assessments
  • Group training potential testing for work entrants
Development assessments include:
  • Testing of cognitive and thinking abilities, personality and competencies (done at the consulting rooms, or remotely via zoom) 
  • Feedback of the results to the testee and/or the Development Practitioner, and
  • A development report

Career and Study Guidance

Make the best career and study choice

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Career and Study Guidance Testing

  • Subject Choice Testing (Grade 9 learners)
  • Subject Choice Testing (Grades 10-12 learners)
  • Student Career Guidance Testing 
  • Adult Career Counselling Assessments

Career and Study Guidance Testing includes:
  • Testing of cognitive abilities, personality and career interests (done at the consulting rooms, or remotely via zoom) 
  • Feedback of the results to the learner and their parents, and 
  • A career or study guidance report


The practice is a proud partner with Naman HR Consultants and Training Solutions.


 Together We Can Do More

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About the Practice

The Practice was established in 2004, and has focused on managerial and leadership assessments for selection and development, as well as private career guidance testing. To date the Practice has provided assessments for nine major corporates, and completed about three hundred career guidance assessments.

The Practice's clients include:
Sea Harvest Corporation
Brimstone Investment Corporation
Capitec Bank
Two-a-Day Group ​
Cape Span
Safcol (SA Government Forestry Organisation)
South African Defence Force
The CB Foundation was created in 2018 to provide career guidance testing, and identification of high potential learners, for Grade 12 learners from disadvantaged schools. To date seventy learners have tested, nine high potential learners have been identified, and these nine learners have been referred for study bursary assistance.  

The distinguishing feature of the Practice is that we do comprehensive psychometric evaluations, which include cognitive ability, personality, competency and career focus, so as to obtain a holistic picture of the person. Our viewpoint is that only holistic assessments such as these can provide the best talent assessment and development results.    

The best practice principles for psychometric testing are used, as laid down by the Board for Psychology, Health Professions Council of South Africa. Testees are required to sign a consent form for psychometric testing; test results are strictly confidential; and the tests used are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. 
Disclaimer: The Practice is not legally responsible for any decisions taken by an individual testee, or a company, on the basis of the test results, whether this is for selection, development or guidance.
Booking Confirmation: To confirm a psychometric test booking, a 50% deposit is required. The remainder is payable on or before the day of testing. 

Medical Aid: The practice charges medical aid rates for career guidance testing. Clients are requested to pay the Practice, and then submit their invoice to medical aid. Please check with your medical aid regarding payment for psychometric testing).    


Consulting hours

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hours
Saturday 09:00-13:00 hours

Address details

Consulting Rooms: Regus Offices, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street, Observatory, Cape Town
Phone: +27 82 532 3124


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