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Established in 2004, we provide 
the best global psychometric science to corporates,
HR practitioners
and psychologists

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Purchase Options

Online Assessment
We administer online tests to your clients, and provide you with CBPP reports within 24 hours.

Bureau Service
You scan your completed test answer sheets to us, and we provide you with CBPP reports within 24 hours.

CBPP Software
We provide the software to psychologists for an annual licence fee, which enables them to have unlimited testing and CBPP reports.

Consulting Services
We provide assessment consulting services to organisations, which includes selection, development, coaching, career and team assessments, as well as leadership and team coaching based on these assessments.

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Excellent multi-theoretical reports

Purchase options include online, bureau, software and consulting options

Reports for industrial, clinical, counselling, educational and research purposes

Software benefits include an annual licence fee (no per report fees); unlimited testing and reports: a 5 day free trial; and full software support 

16pf 6th Edition

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With our International

Business Partner



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Corporate Clients

Some of our corporate clients have included:

Sea Harvest Corporation
Brimstone Investment Corporation
Capitec Bank
Two-a-Day Group
Cape Span
Safcol (SA Government Forestry Organisation)
South African Defence Force
University of KZN: Industrial Psychology Department
North-West University: School of Industrial Psychology
North-West University: Student Counselling and Development
University of Stellenbosch: Student Counselling Bureau
Ampath Pathology Laboratories
The Leadership Lab 


Private Practice Clients

A wide range of private practice psychologists in South Africa
A growing number of private practice psychologists in Europe

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Address details

Regus Offices, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street, Observatory, Cape Town
Phone: +27 82 532 3124


Consulting hours

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 hours
Saturday 09:00-13:00 hours



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